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William Hill Roulette Machine: Trigger Numbers (Scam or Not)?

William Hill Slots is an online casino, that is operated by the WHG international (Limited); it is a company that is registered in Gibraltar.

William Hill offers both bookmaker services as well as casino services to the customers. It is licensed by the UK gambling commission under the license number 000-039224 R-319373-001 to offer players in specific countries gambling and betting services.

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Among this services are the William Hill Roulette Machine games, which are popular due to the William Hill Roulette Trigger Numbers. You might have heard about the trigger numbers, and you are wondering what they could possibly mean; well, in this article, you’ll read more about them and see how much of scum they are.


William Hill: Roulette Machine Trigger Numbers


They have the title of an expensive fraud that has cost online roulette players millions of dollars over the year. In a nutshell, the sellers of the trigger numbers claim to have the ability to win with every spin of the roulette wheel, as long as they have the results of the past ten spins.



This is why it is a trigger number scum, as the sellers rely on the past ten results to mislead their victims into believing that the system they are offering is 100% foolproof.

Normally, the William Hill Roulette machine trigger numbers scam are not sold on particular websites. Instead, they are normally advertised through YouTube with an email address advising the victims to contact the sellers for further information.

However, as soon as the video is reported as a scam and it’s brought down by YouTube, the scammers open a new account and upload the same video.


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However, the videos are usually sold on specific websites for a few months before the Scammers decide to move on to new ones. There is, however, one particular website, World Best Roulette System that has miraculously managed to survive since the year 2006.

With the mode of operation of the videos, the short term websites, and videos which last for a few months, it’s worth taking some time and sensitize the general public so that they don’t fall victims.


How Do People Find Themselves in the William Hill Roulette Machine Trigger Numbers Scam?


The William Hill Roulette video system, which is advertised, will normally win on every spin. The videos will usually be recorded in play money mode at the William Hill online casino, but they will sometimes edit it and make it look good through professional editing.

Once you contact the sellers through the email address, they will set up a small “demonstration,” as they call it, for you.



During the demonstration, you will only be communicating with them through a chat window that looks more or less the same as that of Skype. The chat starts with the sellers asking you to sign up with a casino such as William Hill.

Once you are done with signing up, they will ask you to play the roulette game for fun and provide them with the past ten results. After this, they will advise you on how you can win on the subsequent spin. This will continue for as long as you want, but you will only be doing so in play money mode.



To win real money, according to them, you will have to send them up to £1,000 so that they can send you a real money version of the system. As soon as you send the money, two things will happen:


  1. The seller (now the scammer) vanishes into thin air. You try contacting him and all you will get is a no response.

  2. You end up having a useless William Hill Roulette machine trigger numbers system. This system will not be able to win as it did during the play money version.


Chances of getting your money back are usually zero since the scammer may ask you to send them money through dubious methods such as the Western Union. If you try emailing them, you will simply be ignored.


How Do They Succeed to Win in the Play Money Option?


Since, most of the people see the scammers winning every single time both in the private demonstration and in the video, they believe that it is the truth.

William Hill Roulette Machine: Trigger Numbers

However, what most people fail to understand is the fact that most of the free roulette games played online do not require any internet connectivity. Consequently, the results are usually along the pre-determined cycle of numbers.

The sellers/scammers will usually have done a thorough research, and once they have the ten previous spins, they can figure out where in the cycle they are and as a result win every time. This information, however, is completely useless in the real money mode.

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The scammers have been using this method for years now, deceiving players that they have “a sure William Hill Roulette machine trigger numbers” that will help them turn into millionaires in a few months.

If you Google the Roulette Trigger Numbers and visit some of the blogs, you will notice the pattern is the same with no change done since the very first blog appeared online.


So, How Do You Know Legit William Hill Roulette Machine Trigger Numbers?


It’s pretty straight forward; there is nothing like the William Hill Roulette machine trigger numbers! With the William Hill Roulette game, the results are totally random and unpredictable thanks to the RNG software.

This is a software developed to ensure that it generates numbers randomly which correspond to a given outcome of game making it difficult to alter the results in one’s favor. To find out more about William Hill Roulette services, visit the official website.


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