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The Biggest Online Roulette Winners

Online roulette, without any doubt, one of the most famous gambling games in the world. They have been around for many decades now, and today almost each online outlet certainly has many variants of roulette, though there are only two types which are very popular.

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They are the American Roulette, and The European Roulette and all others are built around it. There is a big demand because there have quite a few roulette big win cases which have really surprised and the amount won has gone into thousands of dollars.

We will try and have a look at some of the biggest roulette winners so that it will set the adrenaline racing for those who have not tried their luck so far as this game is concerned.


Why There Is a Chance of Winning?


Though roulette may not suit those, who want to win money short term, it certainly helps those, who have a long-term view of this game. It would not be right to state that winning in roulette would be impossible and there are many who have done it.



Though the house may have an advantage over the players, it cannot be that way for a long period. There are many exceptions to the rule, and there are some people who really win big.

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In article we will try and have a look at all those big roulette winners, so, that we can find out how and what it takes to take a shot at big money.


The Biggest Online Roulette Winners


It also will give an idea of the odds which people have beaten to take home huge sums of money which will certainly have changed their lives once for all. So, here is a look at some of the biggest win as far as roulette game is concerned.


Ashley Revell


This is a case where the person had the courage of wagering her entire life savings on red. He took his life saving to the city of Las Vegas and did not might betting everything, and that is also on a single spin.

He did not keep even a dollar out of the life savings and had it lost it everything would have gone away from him. He even went to the extent of saving his house.



Favorite watch, car, clothes and eve sold his old trophies. He pooled together everything and could come out with a fund of $135,000. 

He threw a wager of $135,500 on red, and it was done in front of an audience of millions. The orbit wobbled a bit and ball took quite a few bounced and to everyone’s amazing pleasure and surprise it settled on 7 red.

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With just one spin he could increase his net worth by double and won $135,000 of course in addition to the $135,000 he had wagered. It made him the person with the biggest online roulette win in a single reel.

Though many might have won much larger amounts, it makes him better than others because of the sheer audacity of the win. He now runs his own poker site and helps people to get jobs in betting and casino gaming sites.


Charles Wells


Winning 2 million francs and that too in 1891? Might look crazy but it has happened. He won this gigantic amount in a single night and that too way back in 1891. He first won 1 million francs and again came back in the evening to win another 1 million francs making it an astounding 2 million francs.



But this is just one part of the story. He was greedy and wanted to win more. However, this did not happen, and his record for the biggest online roulette win was short lived.

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He continued to gamble and lost everything. He lost his way and was accused of running scammed business for which he was sent to prison for seven years. It is believed that he died broke in the year 1922.


Mike Ashley


He is a billionaire businessman, and today he owns the Newcastle United Football Club. He is supposed to have won an amazing sum of GPB 820,000.

He did so when he visited a small time private casino in Mayfair and betted with a sum of half a million pounds. He wagered a complete bet on 17, and he seemingly placed wagers on black, the first half, odd, middle column and middle dozen.


Roulette Winner: Mike Ashley


All these resulted in him earning £1,300,000 leaving a net profit if £820,000 because he wagered a total sum of GBP 420,000.

Though not a very big money for millionaires, it certainly is fascinating because everything on 17 worked perfectly well for him. He is still a successful business and recently bought the fashion chain Republic, and this helped 2100 people to protect their jobs.


Joseph Jagger


He worked in the cotton industry, and his experience perhaps helped him to understand more about roulette machines.


The Biggest Online Roulette Winners


He also used some under the table tactics, and he seemingly paid off six clerks to make a note of the various wins of roulette wheels in the casino. He found that one wheel was inclined to a certain set of numbers and was hitting them often.

He visited the casino and one fine day placed bets accordingly and won around $375,000 over a period of few days.

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The casino understood the tricks of Jagger and made changes to the casino wheels accordingly. However, Jagger was wise and did not squander away his winnings. He retired early from his job and invested money in his property and never went back again to the casino.




The above are a few examples of people who have made it big through the biggest online roulette win achievements.

There are dozens of others who might also have made perhaps bigger money not only in this country but across the world. The best way to find them out is to spend some time researching on the internet and perhaps from other sources too.


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