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From many decades, roulette has been one of the most interesting, exciting and popular games among the gamblers.

Today, all the large casinos of the world entertain the gamblers with roulette table, and there is the online roulette gambling, that amuses gamblers, and they get a chance to stay out of the chaos of real casinos and concentrate on the main game.

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Also, online casinos give you a chance to play roulette just for fun, and they can have enough practice before getting into the game.

But, playing the game is not the only thing you need. If you are a true gambler, you will take some interest into the history of the game. Many of us know, that Roulette originated in France, but there are more to know about the game. Read on to know more.


Online Roulette Gambling Systems


We all know that roulette is the game of odds, statistics and house edges. And these are the creative force that worked behind the invention of roulette gambling system.



It was Blaise Pascal, the French mathematician, physicist, and inventor, who invented the roulette machine in 1655. But, the funny thing is Pascal wasn’t intended to invent the gambling machine. He was aiming to invent a perpetual motion picture.

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It was a machine which can move without taking energy from any external source. According to the laws of physics, this seems impossible; but as Pascal was the inventor, he tried to defy the odds. Though it was disheartening that his experiment failed, it gave birth the most popular gambling game roulette.


The Possible Origins of Roulette


Like several other games, the roulette gambling has several types of theory about its origin. We all know about the connection between the roulette machine and Blaise Pascal, but according to another theory, the game invented by a French Monk who invented it to decrease the monotonous life in a monastery.


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There is another theory behind the invention of the game. It believed, that roulette invented by the French Dominican monks based on an ancient Tibetan game where 37 animal statues arranged into the magic number square of 666.

Though this game came from China to Tibet, but the playing method not recorded. As the last method has no practical evidence, it not believed in the modern world.


Early Versions of Roulette


In French, Roulette means ‘Small Wheel’ which is also related to several old games around the world.

According to many historians, the English game ‘Roly Poly’ is the nearest relative of roulette, but there are other games which were popular in England and known as the ancestors of roulette, such as ‘Even-Odd, ‘Ace of Hearts’, etc. There are Italian versions of roulette-like games too which were known as ‘Hoca’ and ‘Biribi.'


The Discovery of Zero


No, we are not talking about Aryabhatta’s invention. We are concern about using the 37th slot on the roulette table that is zero. Today, you find zero on the roulette table, but you will be surprised to know that there was no ‘zero’ on roulette wheel till the middle of 19th century.



The game of roulette changed and took a completely new shape when Lois Blanc and Francois, in 1842, designed a roulette wheel with zero on it. It specifically designed for King Charles III of Monaco. The transformation was huge as adding a zero added a bigger house edge.

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As there was some trouble regarding the finance of the kingdom, King Charles built a casino and brought his roulette table for the mass. It helped to make a great income for Monaco, and soon it became the symbol of the culture and heritage of Monte Carlo.


America’s Invention of Double Zero


The USA always wants to do something unique, and it is not a mere follower. In roulette, they have continued the tradition as well. It was the time of 1800 when roulette crossed the sea and reached America.

Online Roulette Gambling Systems

To give more house edge, they immediately came up with a double zero system on the roulette wheel. So, the American roulette wheel becomes of 38 divisions with 36 regular divisions and a single zero with a double zero.


Online Roulette: Game of Modern Generation


The game has gone through several evolutions, and since 2000 the online roulette gambling system is hitting the market. So far, if you want to play the roulette with double zero system, you need to head to America while you can play the single zero roulette only at France and few European countries.


Online Roulette Gambling


But, since 2000, the online roulette gives you a chance to play from anywhere, anytime. No matter which style you want to play, play it from the comfort of your house.

While you play roulette at casinos, the wheel gets crowded with lots of visitors, not only players. Winning roulette depends on how much focus you are in the game which is quite difficult at the casinos with so much light, sound, and chaos. While playing online roulette, you are free from all such distractions.


Is It Possible to Win?


According to expert gamblers, roulette is such a game which is quite hard to beat. If you are gone through the history of winning and scoring high at roulette, you will be amazed at successful cheating methods and scams; but such process is not good always.



Through practice, you can master the strategies to win the game. If you invest good amount at the game, it is your skill, strategies, and luck that will assure you are winning.

Now, you have known the rich history of roulette. The game is the oldest of all casino games, and you can play any version of it. The traditional version is still immensely popular while the modern innovations have made the game more popular among the young players.

With the invention of online roulette, now, people prefer to sit in the comfort of their house and enjoy the game. You can play it for fun; the real money version can only cause an adrenaline rush.


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