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Top 3 Best Online Roulette Strategies in the UK

A lot of people have the misconception that popular gambling games such as Roulette are based purely on luck. In their belief, a person needs only luck to be successful in a game of Roulette, Blackjack, Poker or any one of the other casino favourites. This assumption could not be any further from the truth.

The outcome of a game of Roulette or the performance of a gambler in a game of Roulette or any other popular gambling game does not only depend on his or her fortunes.

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Surely, it cannot be denied that lady luck plays a pivotal part in deciding which competitor notches up the victory at the end. However, the onus is on the individuals, who are taking part in the game, to come up with strategies that improve their chances of winning.

When it comes to the game of Roulette, there are plenty of roulette strategies that can be employed in ordered to pick up the victory. These strategies are not only confined to Roulette games in real life. As a matter of fact, some of the strategies work best when used in online Roulette games.

Online Roulette games are not too different from the ones that are played in brick and mortar casino houses. The similarity between the two variants of the game is much greater than what appears to the naked eye.

Best Online Roulette Strategy in UK

The rules of online Roulette are more or less the same as the rules of brick and mortar casino roulette. This makes it easier for online gamblers to put to practice strategies in online Roulette games that have been tried and tested for many years, if not decades.

Improving your chances of winning at online Roulette is entirely dependent on knowing the right strategies and knowing when to use the appropriate ones. If you apply a strategy at the wrong time, regardless of how fail proof it may sound to you, you can never expect the outcome to be in your favour.

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You will not be guaranteed success with the perfect execution of online Roulette strategies. However, in this intensely competitive gambling game, where victory is hard to come by, you are strongly advised to implement correct strategies at the correct time in order to stack the odds in your favour.

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If you use your strategies wisely, you will have an edge over the other players and the dealers. Sometimes, this edge is all you need to win hundreds and thousands of pounds in online Roulette earnings.


Top 3 Online Roulette Strategies


The following is a list of three strategies used in the game of Roulette. Any one of these strategies can easily be labelled as the best online Roulette strategy in the UK. Using a combination of these strategies will vastly improve your performance in online casinos.


1) The Labouchere and Reverse Labouchere Systems


This strategy is also known as a split Martingale system. You may have heard online gamblers refer to this as the cancellation system. It is a progressive system of gambling where the objective for the player is to win a fixed amount of cash. This is done by losing less than half of their bets during the course of the game.

At the beginning of the game, you need to have a set amount of money that you want to earn at the back of your head. The urge to win that money should motivate all your moves during the game of Roulette.

After you have decided on a fixed amount of money, for example £20, you need to break that number up into individual units such as £5, £4, £1, £2, £4 and £4. In the first bet, you must add the first and last number of the sequence in the list. If you win, the numbers should be crossed out in your list.

The basic idea of the game is that if you win more bets than you lose, then you will cross out all the numbers in the list and reach your ultimate goal for the game.


2) The Double Up Strategy


This strategy is very commonly used by online Roulette players. The strategy is based on the idea that doubling up the next round increases the chances of winning. You are recommended to use this strategy in balanced bets. With this strategy at play, you have to bet the same every single time.

This means that if you start on red, you have to stick to red throughout the duration of the game. Ideally, you start off by betting the minimum amount assigned by the casino. In the next round, you double the amount. It is worth noting that doubling the amount is only applicable when you are winning.

In other words, every time you win a round, you are allowed to double your bet. In the case you lose, you must return to the original stake.


3) The D’Alembert System


This strategy of Roulette was devised by a mathematician called Jean le Rond D’Alembert. He was a groundbreaking mathematician who had a keen interest in the game of Roulette.

The core concept of this system is one that revolves around the idea that the victory in a round of Roulette is always followed up by a defeat in the next round. In other words, if you win the first bet, then the chances of you losing the second bet are automatically increased.

According to this idea, the wiser option for bettors who have won the first bet is to hold back their money and bet much less during the second bet. The rule also applies the other way around. Instead of going defensive every time you lose, you need to bet more money in the next round.

According to D’Alembert, this system increases your chances of winning exponentially. The strategy was devised quite a long time back, but it is still being used today in online Roulette. That being said, it is important to know that each spin is individual, and the results of one spin does not necessarily affect the outcome of the next one.


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