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Martingale Strategy: Roulette Betting System Review

If one is looking at the oldest betting systems in the world, there are reasons to believe, that going in for Martingale roulette strategy could be a great option. However, to make the best out of it, it is important to find out what exactly it is all about.

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Put in plain and simple words you make a standard bet and that too on an even-money bet. It could be red in roulette, or you also could choose Pass Line as far as Craps are concerned.

Each time you win using the Martingale roulette betting system, you will be allowed to make the same bet as far as the next hand is concerned. However, in case you lose you have to double your bet as far as the next hand is concerned. If you come across a winning hand despite losing many hands, your net will be the same as the standard bet.

To put in another way each time you win a bet you will go up by the standard bet amount, regardless of the losses that you might have gone through.


Martingale Strategy: Roulette Betting System Review


The fact, that you could always to double your bet even when you lose is something which we need to always keep in mind.



This will go a long way in guaranteeing that you will always stay ahead of the losses when compared to wins. However, in a real-life situation, it may not always be possible to double the bet.

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To begin with, you will be short of money, and this will happen sooner than later. This will prevent you from doubling your bet.

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Further, when you start to play with Martingale strategy with say around 5 pounds and end up losing thirteen bets in a row you may have to shell out around 40.000 pounds for your next bet which would be simply not possible for most of us.


What Are the Risks Associated?


As per the above example, when you decide to go in for Martingale system roulette, if you had the money as mentioned earlier you would still be able to bet. This is because most of the casinos limit the maximum bets to around 500 to 1000-pound sterling per table and that on a £5 table.


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Therefore, the higher the maximum that is set for a table, the higher would be the minimum also. Hence, this is an important aspect of this roulette option which always must be kept in mind.

In case you start losing money in a row, there are chances that you will go broke and will not have money enough to place the next bet. Alternatively, you also might get hamstrung by the table limit as mentioned earlier.

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While there is no doubt that Martingale could work in the short term, the longer one indulges in playing the game, the more likely you will come across losing streak and that too for a long period of time. When this happens, you will find it extremely difficult to double your bets and that too when you reach higher levels as the bets get accumulated.



Therefore, you must go through the right Martingale roulette system review and find out what exactly is being short. Though it might be difficult to answer this question, the shorter the duration, the better it is for you.

As a rule of the thumb, one hour should be ideal enough. You can play longer, but it will come with its own share of problems and risks.


How to Increase Your Odds in Martingale Strategy?


If you wish to master the Martingale strategy and learn how it works, you must know ways and means by which you can increase chances of winning.

The answer to this is not easy to give, and it is dependent on a few factors. It depends on the game you play, the amount which you have betted initially, how much risk you are willing to take and the amount of money you have in your bankroll.


Martingale Roulette System


If you play roulette with Martingale and start with 5-pound sterling and play 30 spins, you will have around 1000-pound sterling to play with. If you bet 5 pounds each time you chance of willing will be only 46%, and the average will also be quite low. This is a normal setup.


How to Remedy the Situation?


When you use the same set up with Martingale and double your bet every loss, your chances of winning in an hourly session could go up to 82%.

However, when you win your average win will be 66 pounds, but your average loss could touch 460 and more. This is a tradeoff which you must be aware always.


Smaller Bankroll Could Be a Problem


The next important point is to understand, that, if you have the smaller bankroll, you will end up winning lesser amount.

You must, therefore, have enough money to double your bets even when you are going through a long losing streak. If you bring 500 pounds to the table and follow the example mentioned above, you will have 82% lesser odds in your favor compared to 1000 pounds being available in your bankroll.


How to Get Over the Problem?


Given the above ground realities, it is important for you to find out ways and means by which you can increase the odds and make money by winning more money.



The casinos in most cases have around 5.4% advantage over players. The chances of winning can be increased by looking to play a game with lower house edge as is the case with Craps or European Roulette.

Craps could be a better option because of many reasons. However, here too you have to exercise caution and be sure that you are able to choose the right casino which has liberal table arrangements.




While there are many who have made money on Martingale roulette system, and there are equal percentages of people who have lost money quite badly.


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