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Roulette Table Odds (UK)

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games worldwide. It attracts players all over the world and continues to do so after all these years. Roulette dates back to the 18th century nothing seems to be stopping it.

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It is a classic game and technological advancement has led to massive improvements of the game to an outstanding level.


History of Roulette


The word roulette simple means a small wheel in French, the original which is called the French roulette is the one that conquered the betting industry in Europe in the 18th century. The French roulette has however been replaced by the American and European versions in many places.

The American and European roulette table layouts are practically similar; however, the European has a single zero position while the American has two. The sequence of the numbers also differs greatly.

The French has one zero too though the layout is different and wider and there’s no individual colored chips for players and cash chips are used too.

There is a stick which is used by the stickman and the dealer to declare the winning number, to collect chips from the table and pay the lucky winners and this slows the game as opposed to the American which is much faster.

The European and American roulette use individual colored chips for each of the players and after the results the losing chips are taken by hand and winners paid. In the French casinos, American roulette simply means roulette with two zeros. The American roulette that has a single zero is called the English roulette.

However, the single zero European roulette is referred to as the American roulette to differentiate it from the French table and for the way the game is played. This happens in many countries including the United Kingdom. In a number of African countries, it is called Roulette with French numbering on American table.


The Difference in Roulette Tables


American roulette table can have either one or two zeros but the method of playing is similar for both of them and the game is quicker than the French roulette.

The zero positions present the difference between the two but everything else is the same. The sequence of numbers printed on the wheel is also very different and this is a major difference.

European Roulette which is commonly used in the United States of America is the roulette with a single zero no matter what the table layout is. It could be used for the American roulette with one zero or the French roulette. The two use the same type of wheel with a similar sequence of numbers.

French roulette is universally known by the name and has one zero, a wider table layout and a stickman who handles the chips. This is the original roulette table.

American roulette in American casinos and French casinos is called the American Roulette with double zeros. In other countries apart from the two, American roulette is the one with one zero.

In some casinos in Europe, the American single zero is commonly referred to as the Fair roulette. English roulette is common in French casinos is the American roulette with one zero.


Roulette Table Bets and Odds


Once you buy the chips from the cashier, you can bet on any number, a group of numbers or betting areas. However, you have limited to do this and in land casinos, where people play on the same table, it can be really crowded.

The dealer can help with bets placing if asked to but he or she can get overwhelmed if the requests are many and similar. The players who play the online roulette do not have the same problems since they are the ones to decide when the wheel spins.

There are two categories of bets in roulette which are referred to as inside or outside bets. The latter produces a winner more frequently but the inside are riskier, but can activate bigger payouts. The roulette table odds also vary.


Outside Bets


The most popular bet is Red or Black wager that pays even money and enables the players to bet on either of the colors. If you win, you keep the initial state and are given a similar amount.

Odd or even has similar payout ratios, and the difference is the fact that players bet on even and old numbers. The high or low is even money and is the one on numbers between 1 and 18 or 19 and 36 and the house extracts its edge from zero. Those who play double zero roulette deal with a bigger house edge.

Those who play French roulette have better winning chances and the roulette table odds tend to be higher. A slightly different type pays 2-1 as the winning odds. The most popular version is the dozens where players bet on the first twelve numbers. This is the same as the column.


Inside bets


These wagers are good for non-risk takers. The roulette table odds UK is reduced and the potential profits increased. The roulette table odds calculator tends to favor this one. Players often bet on one line in case they win, the payout will be 35 to 1.

While players are able to bet on the zero slots or double zero, in American roulette, the return is 35 to 1 and roulette table odds UK 37 to 1. Another risky wager is on the split since players bet on two numbers and if correct, the initial stake is multiplied by 17.

The Street bet pays 11 to 1 if you make a correct assumption and the ball lands on 1 of the 3. The roulette table odds calculator award 8 to 1 for the corner bet and this done by placing a chip at the crossroad of 4 numbers and this indicates that the player is willing to bet on all the adjacent numbers.

Roulette is one of most popular casino games in history. The roulette table odds are lucrative therefore the game guarantees you big wins.


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