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How to Win Roulette in the UK?

Roulette is one of the oldest and most played casino game in the world. The game dates back hundreds of years with most people speculating that it traces its roots to the medieval wheel. Ever since then, the game has evolved greatly to become one of the most played games of chance in the modern world.

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However, with most people viewing the game as a game of chance, there are numerous tricks and strategies, that you can use as a player to minimize your losses and maximize your profits. The article below is a brief guide on how to win roulette in the UK games.


How to Win Roulette in the UK?


If you are playing roulette in an UK casino, this step is crucial in helping you identify if there is any bias on the roulette wheel.



There are wheels, which have not been balanced correctly and tend to land on given colors, number or regions, for example, than others. This may result in a bias that you can use to your advantage.

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Moreover, you can observe a casino worker if he/she is spinning the wheel in the right way.  The worker may have been spinning the wheel for too long that he/she does not have enough energy and consequently use the same force each time, resulting in bias.

While most of the casinos cannot allow you to ask for a trial before playing, it's advised that you observe other players playing before you decide to place some money on it.


Practice Playing Roulette for Free before Placing Some Real Money on It


Most of the online roulette UK casinos have the play money option, which allows you to play the game for free before you can start playing for real money.


How to Win Roulette in the UK?


Despite the game’s result being determined by a random number generator software, they can actually give you a glimpse of how lucky you might be during the day. This may help you adjust your bankroll to suit the “luck” you’ve experienced at the online casino. 


Always Choose the European Roulette instead of the American Roulette Game


There are two types or roulette games at the UK casinos; the European Roulette and the American Roulette. The rules and regulations involved in playing these two games are similar with the only difference arising from the number of slots in the wheels.



While the American Roulette wheel has 38 slots on it, the European Roulette has 37 slots. This difference arises from the two double zero, 00, on the American Roulette wheel and which lacks on the European Roulette wheel.

This double zero increases the house edge on the American Roulette, making the game less popular among players.


If You Are Playing Online, Be Wary


With everything taking to the internet, including roulette services, it’s important, that you be wary of the roulette UK online casino website you choose.

The last thing that you would want to do is regretting why you started playing roulette games online due to losing your money to scum.

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Therefore, before you start playing roulette at any UK online casino, ensure it were a reputable and licensed online casino.

Also, ensure that the online casino has a random number generator that has been audited and approved by an internationally accepted online casino auditing body such as eCogra.


Minimizing Your Losses


Know How Much Money You Can Afford to Loose


One of the things, that people fail to understand is knowing the amount of money, that they should invest in playing roulette in the UK games. They also forget that things can get out of control really fast, especially in games such as roulette which go so fast.

It's, therefore, important as a roulette player that you come up with a bankroll strategy that will see you utilize your money properly.

Moreover, you should have a loss limit which you should stick to. If for example you have am initial bankroll of $100, you should say that your loss limit is 20% of the bankroll at any time. Once you’ve reached the loss limit, walk away and come back on a different day when odds are on your side.


Withdraw Part of Your Profits as They Come


If say you start betting with a $100 bankroll and end up with $200 after a few rounds, you should withdraw the initial $100 that you started playing with and continue playing with the $100 profit.

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Do this every time you have a profit of say $50 until you have enough money to start betting large.


Have a Working Strategy


Strategies have been known for a long time to help players reduce the house edge on all the UK roulette games. Some of the famous and well known professional gamblers have been known to use various strategies to win while playing some of the online casino games, including roulette.

As a beginner or advanced roulette players looking how to win roulette UK games, it's highly advised that you identify a given strategy, practice using it until you’ve completely mastered it before starting to use it. Some of the commonly used roulette strategies are as follows:


The Martingale Strategy


Invented by a roulette owner by the name Martingale, the martingale roulette strategy is probably one of the oldest and widely used strategy by various roulette players due to its ease and simplicity. It normally involves doubling up your bet after losing the previous bet in a bid to recover the lost amount.



For example, if you’ve lost say $40 on your previous bet, you will have to place a bet of $80 on your next bet to recover the $40 bet and the additional $40 that you’ve bet. It’s a strategy that has proven to work for most players but requires you to have a healthy bankroll to use it.


The En Prison Rule


This strategy is usually applied to the European roulette game and usually lowers the house edge to a low of 1.35%. When used wisely, it can help you win huge sums of money while learning how to win roulette in the UK.


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