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Online Casino Roulette Strategies

There are basically three major types of roulette games, and each of them is different from others. That is the reason players use various strategies for each of the games.

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This is done to assure that the correct strategy is adopted to win on roulette. So, let us see how to have a clean sweep over the game of roulette.


Online Casino Roulette Strategies


Firstly, it is seen and followed that the outside bets are not at all effective. It is because the bets are placed on a random basis. If you keep on selecting and go on betting the red or black, there is a chance that you can never reach the accurate and as a result, the prediction that is given to you can never be achieved.


Online Casino Roulette Strategy


Betting on 1 to 18 and 19 to 36 is same as the higher and lower ends are very much same as the bets placed on the dozens of 1 to 12, 13 to 24, and 25 to 36.

At this juncture, you can implement the strategy of the street bets. There are exceptional cases where a specific combination of the varied bets which is best on the segments of the wheel and this is considered as the best way to win the game and rounds of roulette.



A gambler who is playing the game and have not much experience might as well think that they can win the game twice if there are two grooves. But this not correct.

The misconception is because the American wheel has both the grooves of a single and the zero grooves. It is advised that the game should be played on a single 0 groove in the European roulette wheel which has only one green groove.

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Please note, that the table of roulette is same along with the added double zero grooves. Here the payout after the game is very much same. It is seen that many players believe that roulette system is just very like that of the various roulette strategies. However, one should know that the two are poles apart.

An effectual roulette strategy depends on how you will be making the maximum profit without being noticed. It also depends on the strategy to win rapidly or playing slowly and winning. These are the best possible online casino roulette strategy.


Roulette Strategy with Manifold Accounts


The online casino roulette also includes the strategy playing with manifold accounts. The advantage of playing with the manifold is that you can close the account after you gain the maximum number of times.



However, also note that the online casino allows one player at a time. It is seen that bidders play logging on to other persons’ account and they share the money at the end of winning the game. Many a time people create fake account and bid. Though this is not ethical.

This online casino roulette strategy is somewhat a very self-seeking strategy which includes some profitable wins for only one player and this not very much useful for multiple players who can bounce off the wheel.

This strategy includes the step where you are required to make out and predict when and which is the most profitable time to place the highest bid.


Casino Roulette Strategies


It is also seen, that the many bidders earn handsome amount but since the casino keeps an eye on the amount earned by you and puts a check so that it becomes difficult for you to earn and win more.

This must be noted that the policy or strategy which is taken by the casino is not a valid one and it so happen they slow down the games and this hampers the procedure of winning maximum.


Roulette Strategy with Casino Bonuses


Always make sure that you use the bonuses, that you win, and this becomes the vital strategy of winning in online casino roulette. Choose the welcome bonuses and play with other bonuses also. It is better to start the game with the bonuses which give you the most favorable chance to get maximum benefit to winning in the game of roulette.

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Make sure you start playing the game with the best online casinos. It is because they update you with the percentage of the payouts.

Otherwise, the casinos do not take the initiative to let you win the game if you start asking about the payout from them. You should check out the information and the reviews of the previous player which give you a clear idea how the casino operates.

The players make the very common mistake of thinking that the previous results will be like the rounds that they are playing now.

However, it is not necessary that the ball drops at the desired pocket which happened in the earlier games. The Random Number Generator is the process, that is applied which decides the placement of the ball in the various pockets.



One should always place or split the bet in two different segments and just put half the amount in the red pockets. It is because there are 8 red grooves between the numbers of 3 and 36. Here you will note that there are only 4 black grooves.

So, the best online casino roulette strategy is to place the 1 chip on the red groove and placing two chips between 1 to 34 a placing the next two chips between 2 to 35. This is the effective way to divide the numbers of chips among the numbers of the wheel.

Playing online roulette is almost a continuous process, and it is best if you keep playing after you win or lose. Make sure you are clear about collecting the sum that you have won. If you want to bet, double the initial money that you have deposited. This is the time that you should withdraw at least half the money that you have won.


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