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How to Play Pinball Roulette Game Online?

There are dozens of games which are extremely popular amongst online players. On the one side, you have table games like poker, blackjack and various other types of card games. On the other end of the spectrum, you have many types of slot games which come with their own unique features and functionalities.

Play Pinball Roulette

Then we have many wheel games out of which roulette is one of the most popular. In this article, we will, however, be having a closer look at Pinball Roulette and try and find out what it has to offer to the players. The fact of the matter is that the knowledge about pinball is limited and only very few players have the right information about it.


Pinball Roulette


When we look at Pinball Roulette machine and try to understand more about it, we are basically trying to predict as to where the ball will stop on the roulette strip. This is very important because this is where all the money is. If you can predict the exact strip on which the ball will be landing, your job as a player is done more than 90%.


Pinball Roulette


Towards this objective, there are reasons to believe that the Pinball Roulette strip could come in very handy. It consists of numbers ranging 1 to 36 and is colored in red and black alternately.

It also has a zero which is green in color. You can also set the minimum and maximum bet limits, and this would depend on the VIP level you choose to be in. However, there are some basic and important rules and regulations which need to be understood and followed. Let us try and have a look at the same.


How to Play Pinball Roulette Online?


Since you will be playing the game on the computer, you must know which buttons to select and which to activate. You will be coming across a chip on the lower left of the game window. You have to click on the same and select the desired value.

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Once this has been done, the bet has to be placed. You must also choose and click a number or choose a betting area on the board. You might also be required to place a neighbor bet just below the board.



You also can be increased the bet by a different amount. This is done by selecting another chip and placing the bet as explained above. You can also decrease the amount of bet placed. This can be done by clicking on the clear last bet option. This will remove the bet chip that has been last placed.

Play Pinball Roulette Online

You also have the option of clearing all bets which will remove all the chips which you might have placed on the board. Hence, these are some important and basic rules and regulations which you must always keep in mind.

Whether you are playing Pinball Roulette by Novomatic or some other gaming soft, you need to understand these basic rules properly.


A Few More Things You Should to Know


You must also be aware that it is possible to place several chips and that too in different areas. This can be done simultaneously.

Painball Roulette Gameplay

When you do this, your total bet is visible on the lower right side of the game window. It is visible in the field which is referred to as Stake.

You also must have some basic understanding of the lower edge of the game window. This contains quite a few game related buttons. Here are a few of them which if you know could help you in more ways than one.


Turbo Bet, Auto Bet, Repeat Bet and Bet


When we talk about turbo bet, we are referring to a betting mode which will push you in the turbo zone. In this mode, the animation of the ball is skipped, and the result is available almost instantly.


Pinball Roulette Free


It also would be pertinent to understand that the turbo mode also very much applies to the bonus round. Then you have the auto bet mode which will help you to play the game in an auto play method.

It will allow you to choose the number of games you want to play. It can range from 1 to 2 or from 3 to 10 consecutive game rounds using the same bet.

Then, we also have the repeat bet which helps you to place the same bet as you did during the previous game. It also allows you to place other bets if you so desire. You must, however, be sure that you click bet button so that the ball is set in motion.



Finally, we have the bet option. When you click this option, confirms all the bets, that you have placed and set the ball in motion. You can also perhaps click on a bet and get the game round started and that too without placing any bets. This could perhaps be useful for those who are trying their hand at Pinball Roulette free option.


How to Maximize Winnings?


Your objective of playing Pinball Roulette is to maximize your winning. Hence, you must know how to make the best out of your winning. You have the option of either keeping the entire winning for yourselves or keeping a part of it, or staking everything which you have won.


Pinball Roulette Machine


The onus lies on us to find out ways and means by which we can maximize winning. This can be done by having a tight grip on your bankroll. It would always be advisable to try and set apart a part of your winning in your bank account and plow only a small part into your Pinball Roulette gambling.

You can continue to do this until such time you are able to win big money which perhaps will help you to take bigger risks at all points of time. Mastering Pinball Roulette tricks will help you to win big money which otherwise may not be possible.


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