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Online Roulette Wheel on Real Money

Choosing the right online roulette wheel on real money could often be a tough and difficult task given the fact, that there are thousands of such online casinos.

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Additionally, there are scores of brick and mortar outlets too. Hence, when moving from a brick and mortar to an online scenario, comparisons with the former are obvious to be there.

Hence, we will find out what to expect when you are playing roulette or blackjack on real money in an online environment. This certainly will assist you in making the best out of a difficult and often hostile environment.


Online Roulette Wheel on Real Money


Everything is fair in love and war. This proverb perhaps has a lot of significance when you get into the roulette table especially in an online environment.

It is a court where the judgment is given instantaneously, and perhaps there is no room for appeal under any circumstances.

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It is, therefore, important for you to plan every more properly and then get into the battlefield. Hence, this is the main change in mindsets which you must have before being a part of the roulette wheel on real money.


Basic Difference Between American and European Roulette


The next important step is to find out ways and means by which you can differentiate between American and European roulette.

This is especially true when you are playing in an online environment. You cannot afford to be taken for a ride by the bookmaker.

The basic difference between the American variant and the European variant is the total numbers in the wheel. The American variant has numbers 0 to 36. Additionally, they also have 00 as a number. 18 pockets are red, and the remaining 18 are black. 00 is green. The slots are placed at the opposite sides of the cylinder.

On the other hand, when you choose the European variant you only have a single zero. The house edge is also significantly low when compared to American variant.


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The zero slot is also green, and there are 36 numbers and the same are split if half of red and the balance half in black. You must clearly understand the arrangement of the number.

It starts with 26 and ends with 32 and moves in an anticlockwise fashion. Hence understanding the spread of number could certainly help a lot in getting to know more about the probabilities and chances.


Understanding Something about Types of Pockets


Understanding the types of pockets is important if you are playing online roulette wheel with real money. There are many articles on the internet which talk about tutoring and tailoring of wheels which in turn impacts the pockets too.

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This is perhaps because there are different types of wheels available in an online environment. In the absence of uniformity, there are many who doubt, that different types of wheels have different attributes and some may not exactly be to the benefit of the players.

It is quite common to see online casinos going for wheels with shallow pockets. This result in scattering of the ball even the roulette wheel has slowed down considerably. Hence, this aspect has to be carefully considered when you are choosing the right roulette wheel on real money.


The Importance of Free Spins


Roulette is a simple and straightforward game, one cannot expect to make it big just at the first few instances. It calls for a lot of practice and, therefore, it would not be a bad idea to go in for some free online roulette wheel on real money because of obvious reasons.

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There are many online sites that offer beginners to have a closer look at the game by opting for a number of free spins. This usually comes without any strings being attached.

The players get a chance to practice the roulette wheel on real money almost in a live environment and get to master the tricks of the trade if one would like to put it that way.



Opting for such free spins is of paramount importance if one wants to make the most out of a live environment. There are also many sites which offer useful tips and coaching options so that as a new entrant you are not found wanting when you enter the live environment.


Learn Something about Deceleration of the Wheel


Roulette wheel on real money is a highly popular game and the online variant will continue to grow and flourish because of obvious reasons. Hence, there is a need to learn various ways by which the roulette wheel is handled by dealers, and perhaps event tutored also.

Online Roulette Wheel on Real Money

The speed of the ball has also reduced considerably compared to the previous versions, especially the brick and mortar versions. Hence when placing bets in an online environment, this aspect has to be always taken into account.


The Size of the Ball


The size of the roulette ball also is a factored which cannot be brushed aside. The size of the ball varies with the dimension of the roulette wheel. Hence, it is important to choose a suitable roulette on real money where there is symmetry between the ball and the roulette. If it is too small, it will spin and often jump out of control.


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On the other hand, if it is big and heavy then there is a chance that it will get stuck in a specific area in spite of the best spins. Hence, there is a need to look for online roulette casinos where there is perfect harmony between the wheels and the balls.




While the above could certainly help in learning something about the various mechanics of the roulette wheel on real money, there are some skill sets which also need to be learned and master the same as early as possible.

Towards this objective going in for these free online roulette spins would certainly be a great way to which things can be learned the correct way. A combination of skill and mechanics is important to make big money in online roulette.


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