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The Paddy Power: Roulette Tips

Paddy Power Games is part of the larger bookmaker and has one of the best online roulette services online. Paddy Power Roulette has the best casino games from Playtech including the 3D roulette that you will hardly come across online.

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Moreover, the online casino has a wide choice of the IGT roulette games in their catalog such as the 3-wheel roulette game. As if this isn’t enough entertainment, they also have the live roulette game that is operated by very beautiful croupiers. If you wish to have a real life-experience of roulette, you should try out this game.


The Paddy Power: Roulette Tips


When you visit the online casino’s games section, you won’t fail to notice the unique roulette games such as the triple bonus spins game, and the card roulette. From past experience, the money back roulette game is highly recommendable as it gives you half of an even money bet that you place in the event that the ball lands on the zero spot.

Moreover, this game has a low house edge of around 1.3% when compared to Baccarat and other variants of blackjack.

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If you are a high roller, it’s no doubt that you will like the Premium European Roulette game that allows you to place a bet up to £500 on all the single number bets, £1,000 on all dozens/column bets and a whopping £2,000 on all even money outside bets. 


The Paddy Power Roulette Rules


There are various ways that you can place bets when playing the paddy power roulette game. This includes different bets that cover different sets of numbers.



To find out about the payout of the bets, you can visit the website’s roulette paytable section. In the meantime, let’s have a look at some of the common bets available at Paddy Power online casino.


The Straight Up Bet


This bet gives you an opportunity of betting on any number, including a zero. To do this, you should place a chip at the center of a given number.


Paddy Power Roulette Tips


The maximum amount that you can place on this bet is usually indicated on the casino's info tab.


The Split Bet


A split bet gives you an opportunity of betting on low numbers by placing your betting chip on the line, that separates these two numbers.

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The maximum amount that you can place on this bet is the maximum that you can place on a straight up bet ×2.


The Street Bet


This bet allows you to place a bet on a row of three numbers. You can do this by placing a chip on the boundary line of the casino’s roulette table, and at the periphery of the corresponding row.

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The max bet for this type of bet is straight up bet ×3.


The Corner Bet


It is a bet that allows you to place a bet on four numbers by placing your chip at the intersection of the four numbers.


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For this bet, the maximum amount that you can place on this bet is the maximum that you can place on the straight up bet ×4


The Four Bet


Is another popular bet with the roulette players at Paddy Power online casino. With this bet, you can only bet on numbers 0, 1, 2, and 3 by placing your chips on the boundary lines, where the lines between the zero and the intersection of the first row. For this bet, the maximum amount that you can vet is the maximum of the straight up bet ×4.


How Can You Increase Your Chances While Playing Paddy Power Roulette?


Just like other online casinos, you can lower the house edge on the roulette game offered at Paddy Power.

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By correctly following the paddy power roulette tips below, you will have a massive boost in the game. They are tried and tested tips!


Having a Working Strategy


Strategy! Strategy! Strategy! This is a word that you will come across not only while playing roulette but in your day-to-day activities.



Without a strategy, life will not work out well for most people. Therefore, roulette, just like any other daily activity that has a strategy also has a number of strategies. These strategies are widely used and shared over the internet. Choose one of them, perfect on it and use it to play the Paddy Power Roulette game.


Set Your Limits and Adhere to Them


Limits also play a vital role when it comes to lowering the house edge on the roulette game. If you are planning on spending a total of £200 on the roulette game, ensure that you divide it into small bets that will cushion you in the case of a loss.

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  • For example, you can choose to place bets of £5. This way, even with five successive losses, you will still have enough to play with and recover the loss.



Don’t Chase Your Loses


Have you ever heard the proverb which goes “every dog has its day?” Well, every player at the online casino has his lucky and unlucky day. If you reach your daily limit of £200, quit and come back for another session on a different day. Don’t look for more cash hoping that odds may favor you and you will end up recovering your money.


Use the Paddy Power Roulette Bonus


Paddy Power online casino offers you sign up no deposit bonus of £5 in addition to a welcome bonus of £300. Be wise and use this bonus wisely to build your bankroll.


Paddy Power Roulette


In fact, there are players who’ve spent less than £100 but won thousands of pounds at the site thanks to the bonuses. Lastly, with the huge number of roulette games available at Paddy Power online casino, you should choose a game that you are familiar with! Ensure that you have fun while playing and remember, you don’t have to win every time!


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