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Roulette is a top-drawer among casino games - be it online or land-based. It started in the 17th century and since then, has spread all over the world. Playing roulette resembles solving a puzzle, where you sometimes realize that solution is ‘due’ to happen anytime, but ultimately it doesn’t.

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That’s why incessant practice and loads of exploration is required before you jump onto the Roulette cc or roulette casino Las Vegas bandwagon.

The accompanying 5 points can only provide you with a base from where you might start your journey. Rest of the time, via trial-and-error methods, you need to learn which roulette approach works for you.


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Whether you are playing Roulette cc or online roulette with bookmaker Ladbrokes, remember the European wheel should be your number one choice. From the exterior, both American wheels and European wheels are almost identical. The previous one just has one additional green slot and two zeroes.

Otherwise, both the versions have common features such as a metal ball, a wheel, and a table fractioned into odd and even numbers, high and low numerals and black-and-red colors.

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Setting the similarities aside, do you know what sets the European wheel ahead of its American counterpart? It’s the extra green slot the latter has.

This one trademark literally deprives the American players of winning huge sums; and on the other hand, gives the house undue advantage. You will also lose a lot faster in American roulette in contrast with the European one.

One may ask, why the American roulette still exists in the market for such a long period. The answer lies with the fervor with which the citizen of states backs their version. However, if you don’t have any sentiment towards American roulette, you are better off with the European one any day.


How to Play Roulette?


As roulette is gambling, the luck element wields a strong influence here too. Even the most rational bettor sometimes falls for the false convictions in online gambling. Don’t laugh it off, if you come across bizarre ideas. One of them is the roulette wheel has retention power, and it put roadblocks if you are on a winning streak.



A wheel is made of metal and spins. It never recalls your last bet or whether you have won for multiple times. When the dealer spins the ball, it can end at anywhere.

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Also, symbols have considerable implications in roulette. Sometimes, you can see 10 black balls in a row or a random number like ‘30’ keeps on winning 2 sets, within 10 spins consecutively.

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Don’t deduce that ‘red’ is the luckiest color or ‘30’ is the ‘It’ number now. These are all coincidences and the more you try to decipher them, the more they will muddle your focus. That’s why testing out or mock practicing before you wager highly recommended.


Roulette Testing is Encouraged for Novices


Playing roulette may sometimes feel like groping in darkness, once you are stoned. You don’t know what you are doing and why you are doing it, but still, you take a chance by simply going after gut feelings.


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There are multiple frameworks in roulette, and each of them promises assured victories. Google for Bias Analysis, Dealer Signature, Visual Ballistics and JAA Cross-Referencing; and you will find hundreds of articles, blogs, and columns dedicated to them.

Whether they work or not, it’s for you to find out. And that’s why roulette testing software comes handy, especially for a greenhorn in gambling. The betting guide website Roulette Physics provides you with roulette simulator to download, along with other helpful tips.

Zumma software is another tester, gaining strong foothold amidst players lately. Each of these simulators comes with clear instructions to stick with. Read them cautiously and start testing your systems. It’s better than the realization that your preferred system is an utter failure, once you lose thousands of dollars and learn it in a hard way


But Systems Do Fail Mostly


There are tons of reasons why most of the times roulette systems fail to click. The prominent one among them is in the past, once the wheels got exhausted by over-playing they inclined to show biases. We are talking about pre-online roulette period. Once the players got the whiff of this prejudice, they started conceptualizing roulette systems.



But today, the online roulette games are lording over the market. The virtual wheels don’t tire out; rather they dish out accurate numbers non-stop. Also, many patrons visit a land-based casino, ask for a system tester from the dealer himself, and get duped with a flawed simulator.

Obviously, the casino will give you defective simulator that shows you encouraging results initially. But when you apply the same framework practically, you may finish blowing up your bankroll.


The Martingale Betting System Can Be Fatal


The Martingale betting system is one of the controversial points-of-debate in roulette. In the past, if you have tried your hands in playing everything except roulette, then this approach may apparently befuddle you as linear. You will find it compelling double the betting amount if you have lost it in the first chance.

Suppose, you have invested $1 on the black ball and the ball may land up anywhere leading to your defeat. Martingale system asks you to increase the betting amount two-fold and make it $2 in the next bet. One needs to continue the process till he hits the maximum boundary, set by the table.



Only a gambler with a never-ending supply of bankroll can dare to dream of executing the Martingale system in reality. But you will be astonished by knowing that, even players with modest budget succumb to its charm. So, the moot point is Martingale system totally obsolete?

The answer is «No.» For computer roulette, Martingale approach works like a dream, only because the scope of profit is higher here.

Apart from the above suggestions, finding out a robust bookmaker should be next, on your agenda. Playing with an esteemed casino assures fair transaction and solid accreditations. The fledgling player inside, you can find the above strategies perplexed at first. But with praxis, you can win the long race.


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