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How to Beat Roulette Machines in Bookies?

You must have seen in movies that people win roulette and get flooded with money. Does it really happen except the silver-screen? Yes, it does, and you need to follow specific tricks and strategies to win roulette.

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You must have heard that roulette is very difficult to win. If you want to know how to beat roulette, you must understand casino and online roulette. So, how to beat a fobt machine?

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The software roulette games are basically slot machines with computer animation. Here you will get tips on how to beat roulette machines in bookies and beat roulette if you play online. After all, applying strategies can higher your chance to win.


How to Beat Roulette Machines in Bookies?


If you’re a regular player and want to try your luck hard on roulette, you need some special tips for how to beat roulette in bookies. But, all players are not professionals.

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They just want to make their weekends funnier and more exciting. They need different tips to beat roulette. Let’s find out the ways to help professional players to win roulette:


Outside Bets Don’t Help


This is one of the most important tips for how to beat roulette machines.



As outside bets are scattered representation on the roulette wheel, it decreases your chance to win roulette for longer.

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Inside bets give you more chance to win as those represent particular sector on the wheel.


Prediction Is Important


You must have experience in playing roulette, and that will assure your win over the table.

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Predict well the physics of the roulette wheel to spot where the ball will land. This is an effective way about how to beat roulette.


No Betting Strategy on Table Layout


This is similar to random bets. You can’t beat the game by doing so.

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Your concentration must be only on the roulette wheel and the ball.


Real Wheel Is Better


If you want tips on how to beat roulette machines in bookies, you should always play with a real wheel.


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Online roulette wheels are only slot machines with computer animation, and you can't beat it as there is any physical entity which determines the result of the game.


Know the Details of Winning Numbers


You must have an idea about the causes and effects of the winning numbers. As those are physical variables, they make sure the landing place of the ball.

As soon as you become sure about them, you can make strategies accordingly.


Think of Long Term


While making strategies, you should think of days or weeks instead of hours.



It will give you a chance to check whether your strategy will work or not. Short-term strategies don’t work out always. Anything can happen within short time.


Beware of Being Detected


Actually, most of the casino staffs don’t have clear ideas about how to beat roulette in bookies.

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So, they become extra careful on constantly winning. If you are detected ever, they won’t tolerate your consisting winning.


Accept Your Defeat


Every day is not the same. A bad day means none of your strategies will work. These happen. Don’t lose heart and keep confidence in your strategies as those will help you in long-term.


Tips to Beat Roulette Machines in Bookies


  1. While playing roulette, winning requires professional strategies. If you’re playing for fun, you may not know those. You can be lucky; otherwise, you can just enjoy your experience.

  2. Know how frequently your bets will win. Usually, after 37 spins you get a chance to win but that is also not fixed. Try to choose outside bets such as red and black.

  3. You definitely don’t want to go bankrupt. So, if you lose once, doubling up your bet is not a good idea. The chance of covering your previous loss is lesser than losing a great deal.

  4. While increasing betting aggression (increase your bets after winning), you should take little leaps. If you win again, decrease your bet by one unit. This will keep you playing on for some more time.

  5. Online casinos don’t use real wheels. They use only slot machines with roulette animation. So, if you play online, check out the casino offers fair RNG and a real roulette wheel.

  6. Limit yourself. Play on the little amount so that losing doesn’t bring a huge change in your life.

  7. Have ideas about the odds of roulette so that you can calculate your winning and losing within a particular period.

  8. Don’t fall for gambling addiction. That is harmful to your life. Losing is a part of life. Accept that and move on. You are here only to have fun.


Some More Tips on Winning Roulette Machines


  • Find partners to have a strong partnership to win.

  • Assess conditions and casino procedures.

  • Learn to assess wheel first.

  • Go to the manufacturers’ website and be familiar with wheel designs.

  • Before joining online casinos, check the reputation of the casinos. There are several casinos which cheat players.

  • Choose tables which are not that much busy. You may get irritated to wait for other players to be paid off. That ruins the fun of the game.


How To Beat Roulette


So, here you get enough tips on how to beat roulette machines. If you want to try your luck on the roulette table, these tips will definitely help you. Beware of addiction as that will only take havoc on your bank balance.

Now, you know that winning roulette is tricky, but if you make long-term strategies, those will definitely work in future. You may not win all types of roulette and in all casinos but winning is possible too.


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