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Online Casino Roulette Cheats and Tips

If you are into playing of Roulette online, then there is every reason why you will find this article interesting and informative.

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Roulette playing is fascinating, and it can even be still better if you have a reasonably good idea about online roulette cheats.

However, going in for cheating in online demo roulette without knowing the right information is not recommended. Here are a few important points to be kept in mind when it comes to cheats in online roulette game playing.


Online Casino Roulette Cheats and Tips


There is a strong feeling amongst many online roulette players, that cheating online while playing this game could be quite difficult, to say the least. This is because any online gaming is technologically very advanced. Hence, the attempts to cheat and then try to win the games could be extremely difficult.



We all know that roulette is all about spinning the wheels and tutoring the wheels is perhaps is all about cheating. This might be possible in a brick and mortar environment.

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However, when it comes to the online environment, this would be virtually impossible. Even in a brick and mortar environment, technology has become so advanced that trying to externally manage the rotation of the roulette could be a tough and demanding task.

In an online environment, you can be reasonably sure that you will get caught if you indulge in cheating or other unfair practices at any point in time.


Find Out the Risk vs. Benefit Options


Hence, it may not be worthwhile taking a risk and trying out various cheating methods and ways. However, there are some who might still try their hand to turn things in their favor. However, it will not be long before the casino finds out that your dream win run could have more to do with some external factors than anything else.

There have been many instances where online roulette players have been pushed out of online tables because they have been found to be using cheating codes and other such methods.


Online Casino Roulette Cheats


Therefore, you could end up being on the losing side, and you may also have to forfeit the money which you may have won. Online roulette is designed in such a way that one cannot expect to win big money in almost nine out of ten times.

Hence, if somebody exceeds this tried and tested norm, then they can be sure that will be noticed carefully, and things could turn bad for them sooner than later.


What Are the Areas of Roulette Cheating?


When we talk about online casino roulette cheats, there are three major areas where cheating is possible. The first and most obvious are cheating with the wheel. The second is fiddling with the ball and making some changes to it in terms of speed at which it rotates and perhaps even in size.

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The third is the way in which bets are switched around in the roulette table. When we look at each of these methods closely, we will find that each one of them can be possible only with the connivance and support of some “insiders” so to say.



Further, this is possibly more in a brick and mortar environment and may not be possible in an online environment because of technological and other reasons. But there are some smart and intelligent online roulette players who have found out ways to rig the roulette wheels, balls and betting ways and methods.

However, this is not easy and calls for having the right experience and expertise. Only a handful of players in support with the insiders may be able to do it.


Use of Online Magnets


When we talk about the rigging of roulette games we have to bear in mind that it can be done mostly on the wheels. The most common method is to use a magnet to change the normal speed of the wheel and change the direction of the ball. It has to be done with the connivance of those who are managing the wheel.


Roulette Cheats And Tips


The steel balls are often made to fall into the desired slot using this method. Inserting of the magnet is perhaps the most common method by which this can be done. The role of the croupier and the players has to be in tandem and has to done with the dexterity of the fingers and hands.

However, this type of cheating is all but non-existent because of the development of new technologies and around the clock surveillance and monitoring.


Some Other Methods of Cheating


If you are looking for the right roulette cheats and tips, you must understand that there is nothing foolproof about it. There is something known as post-posting and using of unmarked chips which are also used in a brick and mortar environment and not so much in an online environment.

Past posting is about trying and putting in some chips into the roulette wheel when a ball has landed in a winning number.



While this might help in a round or two, it comes with its own share of risk and the players are likely to be often caught.

Using of sticky material to try and make the steel balls stick on a number can also be tried out. While software hacking and manipulation could work to some extent in an online environment, this is perhaps much more possible in a brick and mortar environment.

There are many gamblers, who also could try pocketing chips which are unmarked as a technique for online casino roulette cheats. These are generally bought from the dollar shops, and their chips are usually stacked in a lot of fives or tens. All the chips will looks identically, while they are not so.

This is a strategy which now is also being tried in online outlets using the hacking software. But it is laden with risks and once caught the players will most certainly be thrown out and they may not have access to genuine online roulette gambling sites.

There are quite a few ways which are being tried out, but they are full of risk, and the benefits are not commensurate with the troubles being taken.


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