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Best Roulette Bets Strategies

Do you know what one of the hottest pastimes is in the world? It's putting a stake on a spin attached to a wheel with numbers.

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Yes, roulette comes in the most popular category of games, but not many know, how to play it like a pro. Before you start fantasizing about your best roulette game, remember that dreaming alone won’t do you much good. A game of roulette without a strong strategy means that just handing over a bill of $100 to the dealer of the sport.


Best Roulette Bets Strategies


The below-listed five roulette strategies will bestow you with a head up about how to chalk out a solid ground for winning in the game of roulette.



We are not guaranteeing you that by following them, you will be rewarded with millions. But rest assured that, your chances of betting loss, as well as financial ruin, will minimize.


Pick Up a Casino after Many Deliberations


The world of roulette is full of scammers right now both in the case of live casinos as well as online ones. If you don’t get to ripped off your money, then checking the license and the security features are pre-requisite.

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If you are a player from Australia, then it is a first-rate platform to run through the reviews of legitimate and top-class online casinos in Australia.

Similarly, it is a name to reckon with in learning about the worthy casinos of the UK. So, your best roulette bets strategy won’t work, if you don’t pick up a respectable casino to play in.


Best Roulette Bets


Apart from rewarding bonuses and security attributes, go for a casino that presents to your utmost flexibility in terms of the game. Check out with the club whether it provides free plays or low betting games for rookies to practice with. If it doesn’t, then change to the next one.


Recognize the Odds, Bets, and Wheels


You can put all your money on a single number or divide your chips on multiple numerical. The first comes with large payout but rare luck.

The second rewards you with modest amounts but an almost sure shot guarantee of winning. If you are a first-timer and have some common sense, then you should always go for the second one. Knowing the odds forms the lion’s share of best roulette bet.



In similar fashion, learn the varieties of outside bets (like Red or Black, Odd or Even, etc.) and inside bets.

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The former is for daredevil gamblers with the capacity of betting on a single row of the same color or of odd/even numbers. If you are a risk adverse bettor, then inside bets are for you.

Here you can put your stake on a single number (or two) with modest payouts. Do you know the American, French and European roulette wheels? Then this is the time to learn such varieties along with table layouts.


Stay Away from the Roulette Fallacies


Have you heard about the biased wheel trick? Among the land-based casinos, the urban legend of the biased wheel and its favoring random players from time-to-time with mind-boggling wins is quite popular.

Like every other legend, this one too may have its seeds rooted in some rare events. But don’t expect this to happen to you. Due to some slopes of the wheel or its curve, the ball’s direction can be altered till it hits the jackpot. But the possibility of this is quite slim, even in the best roulette live casino.


Best Roulette Bets Strategy


Don’t even expect this phenomenon in online roulette games. Virtual casinos use random number generator system which picks up the winner in a quite arbitrary manner.

Other than this, a gambler in the continuous losing spree may dream of his jinx to break soon. Because this is the most common fallacy in the roulette world. But don’t consider yourself too lucky. If you are not winning for a long period, then no speck of luck will gift you a pot full of money.


Mix Up Things a Little Bit


Playing online roulette is fun, but it shouldn’t stop you from exploring land-based options. No one can deny the plethora of opportunities online casinos provide their customers with. The live chat rooms, lucrative bonuses and most importantly the ease of playing from your comfort zone are the advantages.



But to soak into the electrifying atmosphere of live casinos, you must visit one, whenever you get the opportunity.

But one characteristic that will surely catch your eyes about live casinos is you have to play here real slow in order to win the best roulette bet. On the other hand, roulette bets systems are fodders for speculation both in live casino culture as well as online one.

Roulette Bets Strategy

But to keep your mental sanity intact, don’t read too much about them, if you are going to place your first bet. Also, if you are hooked to one so-called best roulette bets strategy, don’t spend much time on it for a long period.

Switch over to next system. Mixing things up will teach you the biggest truth- there is no universal one sure-shot system to win roulette.


Practice Self-Discipline


When it comes to playing best roulette bet, self-discipline is the key. On the one hand, you shouldn’t indulge in alcohol while you are quite thick with the game.

A peg or six may overshadow your judgment and lead you to bankruptcy. Think this is too farfetched? Most of the happening land-based casinos of Las Vegas have many such horror stories to tell. Also, don’t go overboard with your affordability.



For a passionate yet first-time roulette player, entering the elite high rollers’ club can become a dream-come-true moment. But keep note that, you will be in the fast lane towards zero bankrolls if you have only $10 with you and aiming to gamble on $500 high rollers’ table. Bankroll management is an art to learn by heart.

There is no magic secret behind a great game of roulette. Statistical models, logical steps, and sound judgment will do more for your win than any other so-called tricks. Considering the outlined points in this article and applying them while playing will definitely increase your probability of a win.


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