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Best Roulette Numbers to Play

Amongst the many dozens of online gambling games, there are reasons to believe that roulette is one of the most popular games. It is a game which has stood the test of time, and it is a big money spinner both for online outlets and players.

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However, if you wish to be successful in this game, you have to master some basic skills. While many consider that there is only luck involved in this game, it is not actually the right way to go about playing this game.

You must have a reasonably good idea about the roulette numbers. This will help you to predict the outcome reasonably well. Let us get started by understanding more about fun roulette as a game.


What Is Roulette and How Is It Played?


Roulette is a game which has taken the world by storm. It is a game which is being played widely both on the mobile platform and the computer platform.



It certainly offers a lot of fun and excitement. It is a game which has its origin in France. It was started in the 18th century, and since then it has become hugely popular.

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Put in plain and simple words, it is a game where a ball is put in a spinning wheel, and the players will be awarded based on the numbers and colors they choose and the color combination they choose. It also would be pertinent to have a look at the basics of the game as far as rules and regulations are concerned.


The Basics of the Game


Roulette is a game which is played by eight players and all of them play against the house. The house is also referred to as dealer depending on the country in which the game is played. The dealer conducts the game rolls the wheel and also takes care of the wagering amounts and also handles payouts for winners.


Roulette Numbers


The game is played by exchanging colors chips for equivalent currency value and numbers. Once this has been chosen the dealer spins the wheel, and the agonizing wait begins as the wheel rolls.

The players are awarded depending on the number in which the ball lands. If there are no numbers correctly predicted then the wagered amount goes to the dealer.

If some bettors predict the numbers properly then, they become eligible for the equivalent amount. If all the players correctly predict and if the payout is more than the wagered amount, the dealer has to bear it.


Best Roulette Numbers to Play


The secret to winning big money in Roulette is not to select random numbers. Instead, the focus should be on selecting a constant and continuous betting strategy specifically suitable for roulette.

Though it is a simple game choosing the best roulette number without any doubt is not an easy task. This is because there are different types of bets which one must keep in mind. One should always have a good betting strategy because it will significantly increase the chances of winning big as far as roulette is concerned.


Stick To Basics


The basics of the game are easy. All that you have to do is to select a number, and you will win when the ball falls in the slot which you have selected.



However, there could be some extra options, and this is often referred to as safety-net. If the ball falls in this safety net which is nothing but zero you can get another chance. Hence your focus should be two-fold. First, you must try and ensure that you let the ball fall in the right slot and secondly at least try and ensure that it falls in zero.


The Importance of Single Number in Roulette


One should have a clear idea about the single number. This is because it offers the biggest payout, but it also comes with a high risk attached to it.

Any Roulette wheel has 36 numbers, and when you play the European variety, you have an additional zero as mentioned above. You have the liberty to select from many combinations of a single number as you wish with each single bet. You must, therefore, find out ways and means by which you can choose this combination rightly.


Understanding More about Roulette Number Groups


When you opt for number groups, you can also bet on color groups, odd and even number groups and single number groups. You also have the chance for betting on rows, corners or even two rows. All roulette have two colors black and red.


Best Roulette Numbers to Play


You have the option of betting on either of the two colors instead of a number and if the balls fall on the right color, you stand to win. Here again, you must find out how the ball lands in numbers, colors, corners and rows and must base you betting on the same.

Hence, apart from choosing the best roulette numbers to play, you also should master betting on colors and other attributes too.


The Trick Lies on Choosing Consistent Roulette Betting Strategy


As mentioned above, there is no doubt, that the onus lies in the players to always go in for a consistent betting strategy by choosing straight numbers instead of going in for random numbers.



This is a time tested and proven method, and you would do better to stick to it rather than trying something new. This is all the more true for those who are beginners and are itching to make some small money and are taking the first few baby steps.


Understanding the Importance of Being Patient


You also need to understand the importance of being patient. This might call for having a bigger bankroll, and it could even be around £400. This might look big, but you have a much better odd of winning the big bucks compared to a smaller bankroll.

You must gradually increase the wagering amount starting from £2 and then move up in multiples of one or two with each five or six spins. This will certainly ensure that you walk home with at least 50% more than what you have wagered.


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