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Sky Vegas: Low Stakes Roulette Online

Sky Vegas is the online casino division which is a division of the BSkyBs which is the controlling unit of the various gambling activities which includes the Sky Poker, Sky Bingo, and Sky Bet.

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It should be mentioned, that BSkyB is the most renowned betting companies of the UK. Out of the Sky Vegas Roulette games, they have under its fold the Multiball Roulette, Double Action Roulette, 3 Wheel Roulette, High Stakes Roulette, Low Stakes Roulette, and Double Bonus Roulette along with Zodiac Roulette, French Roulette, Pinball Roulette and much more.


Low Stakes Roulette


The low stakes roulette is almost like a pass that is given to the guests to let go in the larger scale of online casino games.


Low Stakes Roulette


The classic game of Roulette is the one which includes the spinning instrument and the 36 numbers.


  • The game of low roulette includes the chips which enable you to bet on both single or multiple types. This does not engage a hefty risk, and the players do not need to panic. You can place your bet on the number of the groove where the ball lands. The game gives you the maximum profit if you keep betting on all 36 grooves which include all the numbers.

  • Pre-validate the bets on any two numbers which earn you a benefit of x18 and then you can include 4 more which give you a win of x9. Make sure that you select the bets for 12 times or even thrice the amount that you want to bet. Proper application can fetch you double the amount of money that you initially put in for the bet. The method of outside betting includes the numbers 1 to18 or 17 to 36 with the Evens or Odds and includes the Red or Black.



Sky Vegas: Low Stakes Roulette Online


Once you register with the Sky Vegas and start playing there are some general steps to continue the game:


  1. Go on and select the chip after knowing the value of the same. You will see that the chips will appear and all you need to select them and if you want to change the worth, and then simply click on a different chip.

  2. In low stakes roulette online, you have to proceed by clicking on the wheel of the roulette and every time you bet you will notice that the light will turn on. The odds that are there for every bet will appear making the task easy for you. You can choose the single number, or you can even choose from the cluster of the numbers.

  3. The next thing in Sky Vegas low stakes roulette you need to do is to select the chips and calculate the value which will be deposited on the betting wheel that you have selected for the bet. Here you can choose separate bets also. It is also allowed to shuffle the chips having the value on them, and this can be done in the same round that you are playing.

  4. Once the betting you will notice that the wheel spins and when the ball stops at a groove which decides the fate of the game. Once you win the round, you will get the money deposited in yours on the very same moment. If you lose the round, then the money that deposited gets forfeited.



The Cash Backs and Bonuses


The Sky Vegas low stakes roulette offers a welcome bonus of 10 GBP free and along with it 200% bonuses after the first deposit of up to 1000 GBP.



Sky Vegas also offers cash back of 1 GBP with 200 points. On Roulette, the cash back is generally calculated on the percentage of losses which you have made in the game for a certain period.

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Note that the cash back is never calculated on the amount that you have deposited. If you have any problem understanding, you can jolly well call the customer care unit, and they are there to explain the minute details that you have confusion about.

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The Cashback weekend bonuses can be en-cashed, or it gets transferred to your account within 2 to 5 business days, and it is generally made on the weekends.


Software Used to Play Online Roulette


The low stakes roulette at Sky Vegas is supported and powered by the software of Playtech.

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The other games of Sky bet which includes NetEnt, Electracade, Cryptologic, IGT, WMS, OpenBet, GTECH G platform.


How Safe Is It to Deal with Sky Bet?


Among all other bookies, the website of Sky Bet uses encryption of the Verisign SSL technology which prevents in any kind of diverging of data that is supplied by the customers and also keep the transferring of money very safe.



It is seen that if the site is laid open or inactive for 90 minutes the security policy automatically log the customer out.


Deposit of Funds


On a Sky Vegas, online payments can be made using the Master card, Maestro, and Visa credit, Visa Electron, Solo, and PayPal.


Sky Vegas Low Stakes Roulette


You just have to make the payments after you log into the account of yours and can opt for the additional payment through the CV2 code. The company does not charge for making the deposit and make sure with your bank is they add any surcharge for a transaction.


Withdrawal of Funds


Sky Vegas withdrawal method is very simple, and it requires 2 to 5 working days to get the money and you can use the various Master card, Maestro, and Visa credit, Visa Electron, Solo and PayPal for drawing the money.


Support from the Betting Company


Customer support is for almost around the clock, and they have the opportunity of mailers, live chat for the bidders.


Low Stakes Roulette Online


One thing should be mentioned is that the company allows the customers from the UK, Channel Islands, Finland, Ireland and Gibraltar.


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