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What is Roulette Bot Plus? (Review)

What is Roulette Bot Plus is probably one of the most asked questions according to Google’s UK search engine services?

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It’s for this reason that I have decided to write a detailed Roulette Bot Plus review and some facts that you need to know before purchasing any of the Roulette Bot Plus services.


What is Roulette Bot Plus?


You might have come across various online casino blogs, articles, or books that recommend that you come up with a roulette strategy that works in order to reduce the house edge. Some of these strategies include the Martingale, D’Alembert or Labouchere strategies, which will help you reduce the house edge.

What is Roulette Bot Plus

Most experienced players believe that these systems have been outdated and consequently seek new ways by using the advanced technology. One of this system is the Roulette Bot Plus. The Roulette Bot Plus is a software system which you install on your computer, mobile or tablet and let calculate a well worked out strategy for you.

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The roulette bot comes up with the strategy based on your betting limits, your bankroll as well as the roulette game permutations before coming up with the best strategy to win. These bots will use the roulette algorithms to predict the possible next correct outcome of your spin.


Roulette Bot Plus Review


The Roulette Bot Plus uses five independent betting strategies to enhance your game play. This is how the bot functions:


Method 1 – The Sleepers


The bot waits a few times that you determine for a category to miss, after which it bets on this category. In this method, the bot uses the Martingale progression or your progression system to determine the outcome.


Method 2 – The Reverse Sleepers


In this, the bot waits a few times that you determine for a category to repeat, then bets on all the available bets in the categories with the exception for the one that has been repeated.



It uses the Martingale progression by default though you can also program your own modified progression.


Method 3 – The Super Singles


Uses the flat betting method on single numbers that have no progressions to come up with the strategy.

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The Super Singles method uses your data history to determine the strategy. It uses “Y” numbers to bet on the repeaters, sleepers or both.


Method 4 - Proportion Probability


In this, the bot tracks the bets hits within an already predetermined spin cycle before placing a bet on the numbers which complete this cycle when the proportional probabilities of the winning percentage and the positive anticipated number favor the bet.


Method 5 – The Progression Recovery


With this Roulette Bot Plus option, you will only be able to use it in combination with the already mentioned reverse sleepers system. It will allow you to recover any loss “X”, then multiplied on two different levels. The “X” in this case is user defined.



One thing that you need to note is that Roulette Bot Plus do not guarantee you any sure wins. If they actually did, then the online casinos would have stopped to exist. However, when used with other strategies and methods, you can significantly lower the house edge. They can also boost your game plan as well as your bankroll.


Is Roulette Bot Plus a Scam?


Well, there are various forums online where people have been making accusations against Roulette Bot Plus. From my experience, it will be hard to tell if the people are genuinely complaining or they are just bitter that the Roulette Bot Plus strategies did not work out for them.


Roulette Bot Plus


People usually complain that the program that they were offered didn’t work out as expected and the developers responded by saying that this could have been as a result of poor planning in regards to the player's bankroll.

According to them, you have to have a well-managed bankroll to have the system working out for you!

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In one of the websites, there was a notice “All the materials that have been provided by and the Roulette Bot Plus software have been provided as is without any form of warranty, either implied or express, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability, non-infringement or fitness for a given purpose.”

Furthermore, Roulette Bot Plus does not assure you the accuracy or completeness of the links, graphics, text or information that are contained in the materials.



With such statements made from the site, adding to the fact, that very little information is known about the company that provides the Roulette Bot Plus services, it's easy to conclude that every player should be weary of the services.

In fact, you should try out the Roulette Bot Plus free services before you can decide to buy the premium service.


Facts that You Need to Know about Roulette Bot Plus


  • The Roulette Bot Plus software is free: however, there are nine companies that encourage you to donate money through their PayPal address once you’ve tried the software and it worked out for you.

  • The software will work well with particular casinos. You will be required to download the Roulette Bot Plus software to have access to the full list of casinos, which you can use the software to play. The creators of the software maintain that they have only enlisted online casinos that are legitimate and have a reputation of offering certified services.

  • The Roulette Bot Plus software is compatible with Windows XP SP2+, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. I’m not sure if they’ve had software for Windows 8 and 10 yet.

  • You can use the Roulette Bot Plus software to test a few strategies through the play money mode before placing some money on it. 


If you’ve found this Roulette Bot Plus review useful, feel free and share it with your friends or email us for more information on the same!


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