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How to Play EU Roulette?

Roulette is a kind of casino game derived its name from a French word which means a small wheel.

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Fun game roulette can be played, and the one playing can couch on a single number or even more numbers which arrears in the colorful wheel. The colors in the wheel are black red and green.


A Laconic Chronicle of Roulette


It is believed that the first type of Roulette was initiated as early in the years of the 18th century. It is interesting to note that in the 17th century Blaise Pascal initiated the primordial type of Roulette.



The game of roulette was practiced in Paris in the year 1796. Initially, in the year 1790, there were only two colors black and red which were predominately used. However, it was a very confusing process to locate the place of zero. Later to denote the place of zero another color of green was introduced in the wheel.

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Now, there was a difference between the game of roulette of France or other European countries and the game of roulette that was played in America. There a ball which rotates along with the wheel and sooner or later stops and the ball drop in any of the grooves and the amount one put in the bet can be won.

The grooves vary from French or European roulette from that of an American roulette. Where the French and European roulette have 37 grooves but an American roulette have 38 grooves.


EU Roulette


During the early 20th century, Monte Carlo remained the only town which used the traditional form of roulette while the city of Las Vegas started becoming an immensely popular spot of gambling in the year of 1970. By the year 2008 US, South America, Canada and all over the Caribbean states the double zero roulette was used.


The Difference Between EU and American Roulette


In the EU roulette, there are thirty-six grooves containing the numbers starting from zero and ends in thirty-six, and there is one separate groove for the number zero.



This is the basic difference between the European roulette, and the American roulette is the number of grooves that is present in the wheel. All the number from one to thirty-six is colored in red and black alternatively, and the place of zero is colored with green.


The European Roulette


The European roulette popularly known as EU Roulette is different from the American roulette game. Here the one who conducts the game of roulette keeps a check on the wheel and the grooves where the ball lands after the spin are complete.

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The betting is very simple the player decides or chose a number, and the one who conducts the game spins the wheel. After the wheel stops revolving, the player checks out which is the number of the grooves that the ball settles. If it is in the same groove which he has betted, then he collects the chips and can again bet for the next round.



In the form of European roulette, the prize money depends on the number you have chosen and the amount fixed for the number.


The Rules of EU Roulette


  • The bet could be played on either side of the circle, be it the outer circle or the inner circle and the players could choose the number of the grooves and the ball landing on the grooves after the wheel stopped spinning.

  • The table also had a very important part to play in the game. The table decided the range of the bet.

  • This rule was similar to both the inner circle and the outer circle too.

  • The broker or the person conducting the process or the facilitator arranged the chips which were spread all over the board.

  • While deciding the number, which was selected by the player the person facilitating the game or in another word the bookie used to place a medallion to denote the number.

  • Once the game was over it was the duty of the bookie to push all the chips to the winner other than the ones who were won.


Since the game of roulette was based on both the circles let us now see how does the Inner layer betting takes place.


Inside Layer Betting


The inside layer betting in EU Roulette is mainly when a player decides on any of the numbers of zero to thirty-six. The rules of the inside game had various layers like the straight up where the player has the liberty to choose any number among the numbers zero to thirty-six.

While in the split betting, the player can use any two numbers. The street bet a player can vouch for three numbers. After the game is over the winner gets triple the amount that he has put on betting.


Roulette EU


So, we can see that the casino game which is very popular has its background in France. Though it was played in America, there was a difference between the procedures that was followed in the whole of Europe and of the roulette that was played in America.

The game that is followed in Europe is commonly known as EU Roulette, and it had 0 to 37 grooves in the wheel of the game. The zero is denoted by the green color, and the others are colored in red and black alternately having the different numbers in them.

The game is widely played, and the gambling enthusiasts love the shining golden wheel and the bright colors of red black and green. Since the game is played in three different ways, the payouts are also made accordingly and abiding all other necessary rules of the game intact.

The game of roulette is played with the sole intention of enjoyment as well as extra and added money from the game, and that is just so exciting. If we keep ourselves to the limitation, then there is nothing detrimental as it is thought by a group of people.


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