Casino Roulette Payouts Calculator

If you are a gaming and gambling enthusiast, then it makes sense to spend some time reading this article.

At the end of the day, all gambling games are built on the foundations of probability and if you understand and master this basic concept the chance of winning big money in various online casino games canno9t be considered a rare possibility.

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People fail to make big money in gambling because they do not understand this concept and even if they understand, they do not implement it properly.

While there are many online games, there is no denying the fact that when it comes to probability roulette is perhaps the closest as far as probability is concerned.

All bets are placed based on probabilities, and it is all about betting on a number which has a better probability of winning.

It could also be a set of other numbers, colors or various positional groupings which have a higher chance of roulette payouts.


A Brief Look at Its History


It would be pertinent to mention that Roulette is a game which had its origin in France during the 18th Century. It was perhaps a combination of Italian Board Games and English Wheel Games.


Roulette Payouts


It brought together famous English games like Roly-Poly, E.O and ace of hearts and Italian board games such as Biribi and Hoca and that is how Roulette as we know it today took shape. In French, the term Roulette means small wheels.


How Does It Work?


It is a casino game where the gamblers must face outside or inside bets. The betting can be done on a single number of a set of number.

The numbers could be odd or even and the gamblers can also choose black or red colors. The casino employee who also is referred to as the croupier will be the one who will take the bets.



He also is responsible for the roulette payouts. He also has the role of assisting gamers as far as setting the roulette table layout is concerned.

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The croupier will spin the wheel in one direction, and this is done to find out as to which the winning number is. The ball will be spun in the opposite direction.

The ball runs around the wheel circumference and once the spinning momentum is lost the ball will fall into one of the many pockets of the wheel. Once it settles in a certain pocket, the winning number will be identified.


Kind of Bets


There are basically two kinds of bets, and as mentioned earlier they are outside and inside bets. The inside bets basically deal with a variety of numbers which are decided based on the position of the ball.

On the other hand, when we refer to outside bets we are looking different positional groupings as far as the pockets are concerned. The color of the pockets and the combination of even and odd numbers are considered.


Something about Payouts


The roulette payouts for which betting are done based on the probability or in other words the chance as far as a number is concerned.

Though there is an element of good fortune and luck involved in roulette payouts, if the game is played with a good strategy it is quite likely that the chances of making money are quite good.


Roulette Payouts Calculator


You have to find out ways and means by which you can literally steal the money from the roulette table because money will not be given to you on a platter.

For this to happen apart from other things you also need to have a reasonably good understanding about roulette payout calculator and merge the same with the right strategy.


Understanding the Best Bets


There is nothing such as total luck or total strategy which will help a person to win big money in roulette.

It is a combination of both, and a lot would depend on how the first wagering was done and how and where the chip was placed on the mat.



As far as payouts are concerned, there is no denying the fact that straight bets have the highest payout yields.

This is simply because they have the most difficult odds of winning. When learning how to calculate roulette payout one should learn more about the straight bet.

This is about picking one number out of 36 and then trying to win out of that number. The players can choose zero or even double zero.

The payout ratio is usually 35 to 1. In other words, if you have wagered $20 you can win $700. Though the returns are fabulous, the odds of winning in 38 chances and this is what you should understand. Only when you have money to burn should you choose this option.

Talking about other casino roulette payouts on should also have some basic idea of splitting the bet.


Casino Roulette Payouts


This increases the chance of winning and has a much higher p0ayout. It is about learning how to place the chip between two numbers as far as the board is concerned. If the ball lands on either of these numbers you will be eligible for 17 is to 1 ratio of payout.

You could even modify it a bit further and opt for corner bet which is about all the four corners of each number meeting. This will result in 8 to 1 odd which make the chances of winning that much higher and better.


Opting for Color Bet


The simplest and easiest way to make some money in roulette is to opt for betting on colors, either black or red.

Black Red Roulette Calculator

However, the payouts are very low here. If you wager $20 and win, you get back $40 which is double but still lower than other types of payouts.

Hence, you must spend some time understanding the various types of payout and then decide to move forward.

This will take some time, but it is worth it rather than hurrying through the process and making a mess out of it and ending up losing in the bargain.