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Best Roulette Systems That Work

Roulette, unlike other popular games, is a totally random online casino game. The results of the roulette game are by chance and are determined by the RNG. Nevertheless, years of playing has seen people develop roulette systems, that work.


Best Roulette Systems That Work


These roulette systems have been tested and proven to work. The roulette system lowers the online casino's house edge to your advantage.

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Use the roulette systems, that work below to have an upper hand over the casino.


Roulette System #1 | The Progressive Betting Systems


These are systems, that have been used by various online casino players for a long time now mostly because of the following two reasons:

  • Majority of the people believe, that these roulette systems will guarantee them wins

  • The concept on how to use these systems is easy to learn and use

True to the second point, most of the progressive betting systems are easy to learn and use. They will require you to follow clearly defined rules, which you can follow without much difficulty. One precaution though is the fact, that you can fall into an illusion of thinking the system will guarantee you winnings on roulette.

Roulette Systems That Work

Honestly, the progressive betting systems will only help you lower the house edge and win a few rounds, but they will not influence the results in the end.


The Basic Concept of The Roulette Progressive Betting Systems


Just like we have mentioned above, the basic concept of the progressive betting systems is usually straight forward. It usually involves knowing, when exactly you need to adjust the size of your bet based on whether or not you’ve won your previous bet. How exactly do you do this?

If you are on a positive progression, i.e., if you have been winning, you should increase the stake of your bet. If, however, you lose, you should reduce the stakes of your bet.

The negative progression, on the other hand, dictates, that you increase your stakes, when you are losing your bets. This is in a bid to try recovering your lost bet. Moreover, when you win, the negative progression requires, that you decrease your stake.

A good example of the progressive betting system is the Paroli System. It is a simple betting idea, that requires you to set your initial bet and use that stake as your reference when increasing your bets.


  • For example, if your base stake is £10 and you choose to stick to the red bet on the roulette wheel, increase your bet by £10 anytime the ball lands on the red slot and decrease your bet by £10 anytime the ball lands on the black slot.



Roulette System #2 | Labouchere System


This is probably one of the best roulette systems, that will work well, if you are not interested in the progressive betting system. It's one of the best roulette systems and takes a little bit of experience to implement it. Additionally, you are required to have a good bankroll to work with this roulette system.

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In most of the gambling forums, you will see players talk about the American Progression system, the Cancellation System, or the Split Martingale system. This is because, it is a negative progression system and usually involves increasing your stakes after you lose a bet.


How Do You Use The Labouchere Roulette System?


To begin with the system, you will be required to write down a sequence of numbers. This sequence can be in any format although you have to carefully pick out the sequence. In our example, let us use the sequence 3-4-5, the most common one.

When you use this roulette system, the potential profit, that you are likely to receive is going to be the sum of the numbers in the sequence above. i.e., £12. Every time you place a bet, the stake you use should be equivalent to the sum of the last and the first number in the sequence, i.e., £8.

In the event, that you lose your bet, you will remove the last and the first number from your sequence. In our case, we remove 1 and 5 to remain with 4. If you’ve lost your bet, you will add the amount of money you staked to the end of the sequence. In our case, you will add £8 to 3-4-5-8.

The stated rules are applicable to all the bets, that you make. Lose the bet, you add a number to the end, win the bet, cross off the number.

Therefore, in our next bet, the sequence would be 3-4-5-8. Cancelling out the numbers on the extreme end would leave us with 4-5 which would be our next bet, i.e., £9.

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Assuming, that the next bet loses, a 9 will be introduced to the 4-5 numbers and have the sequence of 4-5-9. The next stake, that will be required is £13. If you win the next bet, you will be required to cross off the 9 and 4 to get your next stake of £5.

However, you need to be keen on putting all your hopes on the roulette systems as even the best roulette system out there will not guarantee you 100% chance of winning. Even though the roulette systems, that work have been tested and proven, they can sometimes backfire leaving you with a serious financial debt.


Other Roulette Winning Systems That Work


Other roulette systems, that are known to work include:


  • The Martingale Betting System

  • The Fibonacci Sequence

  • The D’Alembert System

  • The Pivot System

  • The “One Hit” Miracle System


If you wish to try some of the mentioned systems, you can play the free roulette games at some of the top websites. This include Grosvenor Casino, mFortune Casino and 888casino.

These casinos offer generous bonuses, that you can use to play roulette and practice on the various roulette systems disused above and in the process win yourself some money. Remember, patience is the key. Make good use of the bonuses and win real money in the process!


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