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How to Win on Roulette Machines?

When most people think of spin betting, the first thing that crosses their mind is the various spinning games such as roulette and slots.

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This is because they have become the easiest and most reliable games that require very little knowledge to make money online. However, not so many people know, how to win on roulette machines or slot machines.


How to Win on Roulette Machines?


Many people have the wildest dream of winning huge sums of money by playing the games mentioned but actually luck the very basic rules and guidelines on how to play the games.



It’s for this reason, that this post focuses on how to win on roulette machine games. By following the guideline below, you will reduce the house edge by a significant percentage while increasing yours. Enjoy and share the post if you find it helpful in any way.


Your Bets Shouldn’t Always Be on Number


As much as you may be a novice roulette player, you shouldn’t always focus your bets on the number bets. Heck, the roulette board is divided into various sections, and consequently, various bets are available for you.

Black/red bets, Corner bets, Column bets, Dozen bets, Even bets, Inside bets, Line bets, Split bets among many others are some common bets that you can place.


How To Win On Roulette


However, if you still believe on the number bets, why not spread your money evenly on numbers that you think will be the results.

There is a common mistake that players do which is placing all their money on one number. This is a mistake as the roulette game requires that you spread your bet evenly to increase your chances of winning!


Apply Variation in Your Preferred System of Betting


There is no single roulette system that offers 100% guaranteed success. You may come across several publications, which will give you advantages of a system, and how well it can suit your play but the truth of the matter is, every roulette system has its demerits and merits, including the almighty Martingale and Labouchere systems.

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Therefore, it is advisable that you try out different systems when playing roulette online!


There is No Biased Roulette Wheel When Playing Online


In your quest to know how to win on roulette machines, you may have come across articles and blogs that mention the biased roulette wheel.

Well, this may apply to a land-based casino, which has old and worn out wheels but for online casino, this isn’t applicable.



Unlike in the land-based casinos where the results may be dependent on factors such as the speed velocity, the condition of the wheel as well as the effort the croupier uses to spin the wheel, online casinos have the roulette machines fitted with the RNG or Random Number Generator is you wish to call it.

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The Random Number Generator is a software that generates millions of random numbers in a minute with each of the numbers corresponding to a result.

Given the random nature of the numbers, it makes the results fair and accurate, meaning you cannot predict or alter the outcome to favor you, not unless you have a way of tampering with the RNG software.

At online casinos licensed and certified by bodies such as eCogra, the RNG is usually audited occasionally and the results published online as part of the fair gameplay policy.


Look Out for An Online Casino That is Dependable


It is very important that you just don’t play your games at any online casino, but at an online casino that has a good record of players and winning and receiving their payments without any trouble.

To find such a casino, it’s important that you run a thorough background check on a number of casinos before settling down for the right one.



In your search, look at the licensing company of the casino, look at the what players have to say about it online and most importantly, look at the companies that it has partnered with to offer you the casino services.

A casino that has qualified with a rating of 4/5 under this categories should be one of your top choices.


An In-Depth Knowledge of Roulette is Vital


It’s crucial that you have the basic and a little bit advanced knowledge on the type of roulette wheel that you are playing.

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Know the rules of playing the double zero (American Roulette game) and the Single Zero (European Roulette) as they have a few varying rules due to the extra number of zeros.

Know which of the two will fit your budget and which online casino offers the best services of the two games.


Choose the European Roulette Over the American Roulette


Just like you’ve read above, these two types of roulette games have different numbers of slots due to a different number of zeros.

The European roulette will only have a 0 while the American Roulette will have a 0 and 00 on its wheel. This extra 00 brings in the difference.



While the house edge of the European Roulette will be 2.7%, that of the American Roulette will be 5.2%, almost twice that of the European Roulette.

This means that your chances of winning while playing the American Roulette are minimal as compared to those of the European Roulette.


Don’t Drink and Play Roulette


When searching on how to win on roulette machines online, you might also have come across this point published on several blogs and articles.

I thought I’d emphasize it just so you know how important it is. Drinking alcohol impairs your judgment, and whether you are playing at an online casino or land based casino, you may end up making lots of poor decisions.

It's, therefore, advisable that you play roulette with a sober mind just to ensure that you can take full responsibility for all the good or bad choices that you make while playing the game.


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