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Live Dealer Roulette Strategy

Gambling has the center of attraction for people of all classes since time immemorial, and it has never failed to amuse us by expanding its horizons and avenues and by adapting to the need and demands of the modern techno-savvy world.

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Live dealer roulette one such form of gambling and is an inevitable part of casinos all over the globe because of its interesting and exciting game features.


Live Dealer Roulette


Live dealer Roulette is basically a wheel game, where the punters or the players wager their money on either a single number or a wide range of numbers, the colors on the wheel, i.e. red, black or green, or whether the number that will turn out is odd or even.



Post that, the croupier or the dealer, who acts as the moderator in the gamble, spins the wheel in one direction and then spins a ball in a direction opposite to that of the wheel around a beautifully titled circular path attached around the circumference of the circular table or the wheel.

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After a few seconds, the ball slows down as its motion is opposed by that of the wheel and eventually stops in one of the 37 or 38 colored, and numbered slots of the wheel, and the number on which the ball stops is the winning number.

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The number of slots in the wheel varies with the type of wheel you are playing on, for instance, there are 37 pockets in French or European Roulette and 38 in American Roulette wheel.


Live Dealer Roulette at Online Casinos


This traditional casino game has evolved over the years with changing times and now has adapted to the modern technologies.

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Now the game is played mostly online, where the websites replicated the game as it was played in a casino. The professional and dynamic programmers designed the online version of the game so well that it feels that you are gambling, sitting in a crowded casino.

All the features and aspects of Roulette were kept intact like there will be a dealer, which you can see on your screen, moderating the gamble, and making it fair and hassle free like never before.



You can visualize on the screen of your device, the list of other punters you are betting against and all the possible odds that are being applied to the game.

The websites too, in order to promote themselves, offer various attractive promotions and deals like giving you a bonus of 30 pounds when a customer signs up for the first time and deposits an amount of 10 pounds to stake on the gamble.


Live Dealer Roulette


The graphics and user interface of the game are so spellbinding that you will fall in love with it. I will list all the credible and popular online portals where you can play this dynamic game later in the article.


Live Dealer Roulette: Strategies and Tips


Since it is a gamble, there always lies chances of getting deceived if you don't apply the correct strategy and methods to play Live Dealer Roulette. Sometimes, even the most profession, successful as well as talented gamblers might be misled and deceived by the notion that live dealer roulette games are not based on pure luck.



There are a lot of myths, misunderstanding, and misconceptions about the game, which you may fall prey to if you don't have proper and correct knowledge of the game. Moreover, there are a lot of fake roulette strategies out there in the market which is not at all credible and doesn't work in most of the situations.

One thing must be you should know very clearly that, the casinos are not run by a bunch of stupid peoples, and they will not simply and readily accept a gamble that can be very easily and honestly won.

Live Dealer Roulette Strategy

Nevertheless, the game of roulette purely depends upon where the ball is going to stop after the wheel ceases, so no method of statistical analysis and calculation of probability can correctly predict and influence what actually is going to be the turnout.

So, it is a very tough job to predict the game of roulette, but after many testing and experimenting physically, I have come up with a couple of live dealer roulette strategy, which work in most cases.

Following is a list of most credible and trustworthy live dealer roulette strategies put together. Have a look as it might be helpful if you are about to try your luck in this game.

For all the inexperienced and amateur roulette player out there who are on a look out for big payout through this, should very clearly know that the game of roulette is a very complicated game that provides you with an option various possibilities of manners to act and wager money.



So, it is very important for one and all to understand the rules of the game thoroughly which leads to the understanding of the strategies. If one stubbornly sticks to a specific plan in the game, it is not going to help as the game is very dynamic and can change the sides at any point in time.

So, one has to be very liberal and flexible with the plan and strategy one applies to come out victorious. So, if you are not fully confident about the norms and rules of the game, then you should definitely do your homework first.

The exciting and alluring environment of the physical casino is obviously a great temptation, but there are enough of good reasons to play in online too.

For instance, if you want to try out some of the good strategies that will work out for you, online roulette is the best place to do so as the casinos doesn't allow to practice and develop your skills over there.



Another advantage of online casinos over the offline ones is that, in real life casino, they restrict the players under certain house rules.


  • For example, real life casinos will not allow any player to use any special techniques or aids at the playing table, whereas in the online mode, you can use all kind of aids and technical tools to assess and manipulate the game much better.


Moreover, while playing the game online, if you don't feel confident about yourself and want to develop your skills much better, then you can play it for free without staking any money. So with all of this advantages over real life casinos, I will suggest you go for the online mode of playing.


The Top 5 Casinos Where You Can Play Live Roulette


I hope that the article has given you a quite good insight of the live dealer Roulette, and if you have made up your mind to try it out, the following is a list of the websites which offers the best experience in playing Roulette as well as other online casino games.


  1. LeoVegas

  2. Grosvenor Casino

  3. 888casino

  4. mFortune Casino

  5. The Vic Casino


There are a lot of other websites which offer online casino games, but I personally prefer the above listed five. I hope you too will like it.


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