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European Roulette Wheel Review

Roulette is quite an easy and interesting game to play and if a player is looking for a game which is simpler and quite easy to understand this is a game for him which is a kind of slower paced game. The game of roulette is very exciting. Before starting to play the roulette game, it is essential to understand the nuisances of the game.

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There are many different versions of the roulette game, and each one has slightly different set of rules to be followed. With the availability of so many versions, the game is quite interesting and entertaining for every category of the player.


Range of Versions Available


Although there are many different varieties of the roulette games, the chief among them are the American and the European roulette wheel. In order to play the game of roulette, the player has to locate the European roulette table layout initially.

Types of European Roulette

There are no value denominations which are an imprint on the roulette chips and that make it different from the other kinds of the table game.


European Roulette is Preferred by Many Players


There are around 6 to 8 sets of the chips of different colors that are present on the roulette table, and every set has around chips which are ranging to 300 in number.



On the purchase of the chips, the player receives his own color, and the value of every chip is calculated by calculating the ratio between the buy in and the number of chips that he receives.

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A token is placed ahead of the stack of the dealer of the same color of the chip that indicates the value. If one looks at the different types of the roulette that are available in both the real and the online casinos, the European roulette is preferred by the vast number of players.


Provides Greater Chance to Win


The popularity of this game lies in the fact that it provides greater chance to earn and if one looks at the house advantage it is just around 2.63 percentages.

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The European roulette comprises of the one zero slots on the wheel and it cuts the house edge from half to 2.7 percentages.

The game is played in many European countries, and the wheel of the European roulette contains 37 divisions where the number is from 1 to 36, and there is zero also. The numbers from one to thirty-six are colored alternately in red, and the black color and the zero is green in color.



The major goal is to carry out the prediction of a number of pockets in which the ball of the roulette is going to settle down. Players make a bet on a particular number and the dealer will turn the roulette in a single direction, and this spins the ball of the roulette in the opposite direction.


Four Members Present Around the European Roulette Table


The players are paid when the ball gets into that packet with the number which the player has predicted. The process of betting is simpler when one plays the European roulette.



The player places the chip on the desired bet and just carries out the pressing of the spin button. Once the betting round is finished, the player can place the bet or can stop the game.

In the case of the casinos on land, there are four members who are present around the European roulette table and two of them are called the croupiers, and they perform the job of handling the bets and spinning the ball on the roulette wheel.


How to Play European Roulette?


The participants who are present may range between 1 and 8, and the game starts when the croupier asks the players to place the bets. Players can make various categories of bets. The croupier will place the ball to spin on the roulette wheel. When the ball has two or more than two revolutions left, the bets are stopped.



When the ball gets dropped into the pockets of the roulette wheel, the croupier will identify the number, and the winning number is announced.

The balls of the roulette are in proportion to the size of the European roulette wheel and the number of the pockets. In order to make the outcome highly unpredictable, there is an alternation which is done between a small and the big ball.


Inside and Outside Bets


If one looks at the European roulette wheel layout, it contains two sections one is the group of the individual numbers and the other is the grouping bet. In the European roulette, there is a provision for the gamblers to take the benefit of two categories of bets one is inside bet, and the other is outside bet.


European Roulette Wheel Layout


The inside bet is on one number, alternate number or there is a small group of numbers, and the larger group contains the large group of numbers. Most of the bets provide various odds of the winning, and there are varied payouts.



High Payout in the Game


The payouts of the European roulette are quite high to the extent of around 97 percentages. Also, there are so many extra options in this improved version of the game that makes it quite interesting and a must to play for all those, who are big fans of the spinning roulette that is liked by the gamblers a lot and is called as the wheel of the fortune.


Online Versions of the Roulette Available


There are in numerous numbers of ways a player can enjoy and play the European roulette. Also, there are online versions of the European roulette which are available and the player can play the game conveniently by sitting at their homes.

One can play the game in an endless number of versions and also the online versions available. If a player feels any kinds of hesitation, there are online roulette rooms which are free of cost and they are a good way to learn about the rules of the games and play it.


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