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Casino Roulette Rules and Odds

Roulette is a casino game that is played at the online casinos as well as the land-based casinos. It consists of a roulette wheel and 38 or 37 numbers depending on the roulette game that you are playing. The numbers run from 1-36,0 and 1-36,00. The 1-36,0 number is for the European roulette while the latter is for the American roulette wheel.

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To play roulette, you will have to place a bet on any of the numbers or colour of the slot you think the ball will land in and click on the free roulette spins button. The ball will run over the wheel, and when it comes to a stop, you win or lose depending on your prediction.

This is just a summary of how the roulette game works. To go into details and have a better understanding of the casino roulette rules, read on.


The Objective of Roulette


Your main objective or goal when playing roulette is determining the slot number that the ball will land in.

Alternatively, you can also determine the colour of the slot that the ball will land on. This can either be red or black.


Casino Roulette Rules and Odds


Like stated before, it's important that you familiarize yourself with the casino roulette rules and odds. This way, you will stand a chance against the casino by lowering the house edge.

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To help you achieve this, I have a detailed article on the type of bets that you can place while playing roulette.


Roulette Outside Bets


Outside roulette bets are the bets that usually cover particular numbers. These bets are usually considered to be the safest option when playing roulette. The odds of the outside bets are usually not sufficiently high like the inside bets, but they give you a very good opportunity of getting a payout at the end of the spin.

The outside bets are named accordingly, as the bets that you will be placing on this bet are normally on the outside of the main grid on the roulette table. They can be categorized as High/Low bets, Red/Black bets, Odd/Even bets, and Columns.

Of the mentioned bets, the black or red bets are the most popular of the outside bets. Every number from 1-36 will either be coloured in red or black. It is from this bet that you shall be betting on which colour you think the ball will land on. The black or red bet is an even money bet, meaning that you shall receive your payout in a ratio of 1:1.

In other words, you will win an equal amount of money to what you originally put at stake. To lose this bet, the ball will have to land on the opposite color of the roulette pocket. Moreover, if the ball land on the 0 or 00 numbers, you also lose the bet since they are usually green in colour.

Roulette Outside Bets

The other bet type of bet is the even or odd bet. It is also an even money bet, and you shall be placing a bet that the ball will land in a slot number that is even or odd.

Likewise, the high or low bet involves betting on whether or not the next number that the ball will land on will be a low number (numbers between 1-18) or a high number (numbers between 19-36). Take note that with this type of bets, you will lose regardless of your choice in case the ball lands on a 0 or the 00.

The roulette table usually features a betting board that is divided into a grid that has numbers. The grid is usually divided into three columns, with each having 12 numbers.

The roulette column bet is a bet that you will place on one of the columns, and if your bet lands on the column, you predicted it would land on, you win the bet. If it appears in the remaining two columns, 0 or 00, you lose the bet.


Roulette Inside Bets


These are the bets that you place on the main grid on the roulette table. Unlike the outside bets which cover a wide selection of numbers, these bets are difficult to predict as they only cover small numbers. However, the odds are lucrative, and you will receive high payouts in case you get the bet correct.

The inside bets include the straight up bets, the split bet, and the street bet. Let us look at the roulette rules odds for these bets, shall we?

The straight up bet has the best payout ratio of the mentioned bets, at 35:1. It’s also the most difficult bet of the mentioned as you will only be covering a single number. To place the straight up bet, you will directly place your chips on the number that you wish to place your bet on.

However, when placing this bet, you are allowed to place a bet on a number of other numbers or other bets along this one to reduce the loss.

Roulette Inside Bets

The split bet, on the other hand, will cover two numbers that are adjacent on the roulette board. It has a payout ratio of 17:1 and you bet on it by placing chips on the line separating the two numbers you wish to bet on. You can also place as many split bets as you wish on a single bet.

A street bet is a bet that is placed in any of the 12 rows of three numbers such as 7-9, 4-6, 1-3, etc. The payout ratio of this bet is 11:1 and you place the bet by putting your chip on the outside edge of the row that you would wish to cover. Just like the other bets, you can place as many bets as you wish in a single spin.

These are just some of the roulette rules odds that you should observe when playing roulette online. To see if you have mastered the casino roulette rules, why not log onto an online casino and try playing the game for free?


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