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Best Roulette Tactics to Win

Roulette is derived from a French word meaning a wheel. It is a very popular game played in the casinos. Here a usurer turns the wheel in any one direction and the very next moment rotates in an antithetical way.

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There a ball which rotates along with the wheel and sooner or later stops and the ball drop in any of the grooves and the amount one put in the bet can be won.

The grooves vary from French or European roulette from that of an American roulette. Where the French and European roulette have 37 grooves but an American roulette have 38 grooves.


A Brief History of the Roulette


It is said that roulette was discovered in France in the 18th century. Surprising enough the ancient roulette was discovered by Blaise Pascal in the 17th century. Roulette used to be a much practiced in Paris.

The roulette in Paris used two colors red and black. The red one was used to denote with a single zero whereas the black was denoted with two zeros. Later in the year, 1800 green was used to denote the zero.

Roulette became very popular in the 19th century in other European and US states. Roulette became a very popular name in the casinos, and people loved playing roulette.



The German authority banned gambling in 1860. Hence the gambling seat moved to Monte Carlo, and this became the seat of gambling.

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The niche section of the society enjoyed the game. This way in Europe the single zero roulette was used while the US states used the double zero ones.

During the early 20th century, Monte Carlo remained the only town which used the traditional form of roulette while the city of Las Vegas started becoming an immensely popular spot of gambling in the year of 1970. By the year 2008 US, South America, Canada and all over the Caribbean states the double zero roulette was used.


The Rules of Roulette


  • Roulette had a large variety of betting.

  • The bet could be played on either the outer circle or the inner circle and the number which each one could select the number of the grooves and the ball landing on the grooves.

  • The table where roulette was played has a very important part of the game. The table decided the range of the bet.

  • This rule was applicable for both the inner circle and the outer circle too.

  • The broker arranged the chips which were laid on the board.

  • While deciding the number which was one by the player the bookie used to place a medallion to denote the number.

  • While the medallion which was commonly known as dolly was placed, no one could place a bet.

  • The bookie pushes all the chips to the winner other than the ones who were won.


Best Roulette Tactics to Win


There are various important tactics to win the roulette, and these should always be followed. Let’s see the roulette winning methods which will help a person to win the maximum number of bets. If followed then it would be certainly beneficial for a roulette enthusiast.


The Martingale Roulette Tactic


This is the best and the possibly the best possible roulette tactics which would help in winning after one has faced loss for a longer span of time. This is used for the red and black grooves.



This can be used over the roulette table. If you bet on double colors the chance of losing is more. While the chance of winning in a single color is much more and help in winning to a greater extent.


Reverse Martingale Tactic


This roulette tactics win will make one happy. Here it is advised to choose a table which enables one to bet the minimum amount, and this would help in bringing in the maximum amount of bets.

Try to put a small amount on the red and black grooves and be very careful in choosing the number either the odd or the even.


The D'Alembert Tactic


This roulette tactics win will bring you a lot of good luck. This is a strategic choice asks for more arithmetic or geometric choices. It asks for a minimum bet on a single color.



Try and choose the numbers either from one to eighteen or from nineteen to thirty-six. Try to bet on a lesser amount once you lose and bet on the higher amount one you win.


The Fibonacci Tactic


This procedure asks one, to sum up on the last bet one has played.

The plus point is winning over the money that one had lost along with the winning new bets.


James Bond Tactic


The strategy involves the procedure which was shown in the James Bond film. This process asks to bet on more than two third of the roulette table.



This is the process which calls to bet even for the zero. This is possibly the best roulette tactics which bring in the huge amount of prize money. For any roulette enthusiast, it is very much important to know the various steps and tactics to win over the game.

Once it is mastered the strategies, then the bet becomes interesting, and it helps in reducing the chances to lose the game. These are planned with the sole motive to make a win comfortable. Be careful in choosing the single color is much more and help in winning to a great extent than going for the both the colors.


Roulette Tactics


The strategies are planned out by experts enabling recovering the loss and at the same time one can stake in proper time and win over new bets. The best roulette tactics would only work when one actually knows the game and understand the possible loopholes which make one lose bets.

The rules and the tactics cut on the chance of greater loss and make the game more enjoyable. It is almost like the strategies to win the battles which are adapted before going out to war. Hence the strategies are the lifeline for the player.


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